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Flora Women’s Mini Marathon 2008

This post is directed for all you ladies out there (and guys too, with a great sense of humour of course). ;-)

Are you looking for a reason and source of motivation to get fit for the summer? Are you searching for a way to get involved in fundraising event for your favourite charity?

It may be some 10 weeks away, which may constitute long term planning for many, but the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon 2008 is coming to town sooner than you realise. The race will be taking place on the June Bank Holiday Monday, i.e. 2nd June. With the registration (online or via entry form on Evening Herald) started since the end of February, this is the time for you to sign up too and make a difference, be it as a personal challenge or a charitable quest.

Flora Women’s Mini Marathon

The race requires a run course of 10km, which is a very doable distance, and women of all ages have been taking part in the mini marathon in the last 25 years. Every year, the number of participants grow phenomenally, so much so that in current years, there are some 40,000 women running! You’re not under any pressure to run the race, as you can also jog or walk the distance.

The way the race goes – starting line is filled by elite runners (must have records of completing 10K in 45 minutes), followed by runners (records of 10K in 60 minutes), joggers and last but not least, walkers. In past years, with the large number of entrants, one common but minor grumble was that of enthusiastic joggers who were held up by slower joggers/walkers in their section. Therefore this year, a new category for proven joggers (10K in 80 minutes) should help smoothes out the path somewhat, and to give a better chance for these joggers to improve their time should they wish to make it for the runners category next year.

The race is meant for the ladies only but in the past I’ve seen a good number of guys who also took part, in drags. Personally I found them great fun, and they were such great source of motivation as they spurred you on along the way with their wild and happy encouragements that you could do it! Unfortunately though, at the finishing line, while all the women receive commemorative medals, the guys’ efforts are underappreciated and unacknowledged. Not that this has stop those lovely guys from doing it anyway. Thus, from me, bravo guys!

So come on, sign up and take part in the run.

As for myself, I have registered, and like the previous couple of years I will be running for my favourite charity Unicef. If you’re feeling generous, I’m open for sponsorships and pledges! You may contact me through lil.metblogs[at] :D

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