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Where was Matt dancing?

OK, something a little light-hearted for a change. This video has been making its mark on the cyberspace for a while now, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Since it features Dublin in the course of this video, why not share it here?


Out of curiosity, I did a count and there were 68 cities visited throughout the course of the video, from 42 countries. To travel all these places within 14 months is very impressive. Of course it helps to have a sponsor that pays for the travel.

Considering my travels are all self-funded, I’m proud to say I’ve been to 13 of the 68 cities featured in this clip. Yay! Of course there are places that I’ve been which Matt hasn’t, and vice versa. I’m hoping to be able to hit the road in reasonably near future and who knows where my next travel adventure will bring me to… ;-)

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