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-Be a tourist-

There is a lot to do in Dublin; other than pay bills, go to college classes, work in offices….It’s surprising how many different things there are to do in Dublin as a tourist (considering that the city is so small)

My friend is here for the weekend, and I am about to prepare myself for a day of pure tourism. Come back in a few days to see what is “worth it” and what “is just a tourist trap”…

As a “local” I bet you’ve never done half of the stuff im about to embark upon!!

Hope everyone’s weekend has been great!!

extra extra for 26 feb

Man, how awesome was the Ireland-England game on Saturday? Freaking awesome, that’s how.

Dublin to get new saint this year:

The Archbishop of Dublin has welcomed news today that the capital is to have a new saint by the summer. Blessed Charles of Mount Argus will be canonised by Pope Benedict XVI in June. Dr Diarmuid Martin was, as Bishop of Dublin, Actor for the Cause of Blessed Charles. Born John Andrew Houben in Mustergeleen, Holland in 1821, Charles joined the Passionist Order in Belgium at the age of 19 after three months of undistinguished military service. He was ordained in 1850 and sent to England in 1852 where he made contact with Irish people who had emigrated because of the Famine. He was transferred to Dublin in 1857 around the time Mount Argus monastery was being founded and he travelled Ireland raising funds to help build it.

Shell to Sea protest passes peacefully:

Around 500 hundred supporters of the Shell To Sea campaign marched in Dublin this afternoon in protest at the energy giant’s plans for a gas terminal and pipeline in Co Mayo.

Irish emissions up 140%:

Greenhouse gas emissions in Ireland grew by 140 per cent between 1990 and 2004, according to a report published this morning.

The European Environment Agency (EEA) report said Ireland’s growth rate was well above other countries’ growth rates, with the average across 32 European states being 25 per cent. The Republic was only surpassed by Luxembourg, which saw growth of 156 per cent during the period. The figures exclude emissions from aviation and marine traffic.

Croke Park..Ireland vs England…BIG DEAL!?


As the proud nation SMASHES England in the 6 Nations Rugby Match in Croke Park tonight, many of us were left to wonder…(especially if you were not Irish, or didnt do your bit in Irish history…)


Let me englighten you. Croke Park was NEVER a soccer or rugby stadium. Since it was built and opened in 1884, It was meant only for Gaelic Football and Hurling. Since the GAA was the founders of Croke Park, it didnt seem like the proper venue for international games…it was meant to be the venue for purely IRISH events…

In the year 2000, Landsdowne road, the normal stadium used for rugby and soccer had to go through refurbishment in order to lower the noise pollution for the neighbors around then during the matches.

So where do the international matches of soccer and rugby go?

Croke Park? …although it seemed to be the smart idea, many were opposed.

Fast forward 5 years in April, after much debate, (If you agreed to opening up Croke Park, you were “sabotaging Irish Culture”, and if you didnt agree to opening up Croke Park, you were “being a narrow minded shi*t.”) the GAA decided to open its doors for international matches.

Let it be known, Croke Park is regarded as one of the biggest stadium in europe…. WOW!!

Two weeks ago the first rugby match was held..Ireland vs France, as part of the Six Nations Matches. (Ireland was shamed in defeat..lets us not talk about that… :( )

Tonight was Ireland VS ENGLAND

More debate because Croke Park was the grounds for Bloody Sunday, a sad day in 1920 Irish history when British Soldiers opened fire against a crowd watching a match.

There were even talks of whether or not to play “God Save the Queen” for fear of controversy and perhaps fights erupting. (Big props to the fans who were there tonight, the anthem was played, and the spectators didnt explode into conflict. Way to be diplomatic and represent Ireland!!! Im really glad it went without a hitch!)

After all this talk and hoohah, the match began tonight..and ended proudly :

Ireland – 43 England – 13

Now that’s what I’m talking about!!!!

news roundup for the weekend

Same-sex couple lodge marriage appeal

A lesbian couple have lodged an appeal with the Supreme Court against a High Court ruling that stated they did not have the right to marry in Ireland. Drs Katherine Zappone and Ann Louise Gilligan lodged their appeal yesterday on the grounds that their High Court case for recognition of their Canadian marriage was wrongly decided. They hope the Supreme Court case could be heard before the end of 2007.

Elderly man dies in Tipperary crash

A 91-year-old man died today after he collided with a truck in Co Tipperary. The pensioner lost his life after his SUV struck the vehicle around 1pm on the N8 road at Ballymooreen, Littleton in the county. His front seat passenger was taken to Nenagh Hospital for treatment for minor injuries.

Armed raiders rob Dublin post office

Gardaí are investigating an armed raid on a south Dublin post office this afternoon. Four men were involved, three of whom entered the post office at the Nutgrove Shopping Centre; at least one of whom was armed with a hand gun, and money was stolen. They fled in a blue Ford Focus car with 2006 registration plates driven by the fourth man. The car was later found abandoned a short distance away at Hermitage Lawns, where it is believed the gang switched to another vehicle.

happy friday everyone!

Need an ear?

I was walking around Trinity today when I saw a man dressed as a phone. Weird as it was, I asked him what it was all about and he gave me a pamphlet/flyer about NITELINE, a “listening service for college students”

Apparently this service allows callers to talk about whatever they want, and is there just to help people gather their thoughts, and figure their lives out…


I think it’s brilliant. Ever had those times when you dont want your friends to judge you, or say anything to you, or tell you what to do, and give you advice? You end up not having someone to talk to about it, but at the same time being more confused. It helps to talk things out, without ppl telling you what to do.

Apparently this is what they are good at doing.

And its anonymous, non judgemental, non-directive, and confidential….

Im sure people have had times when they just want to talk about things..but wasnt too comfy about telling their friends right? I think it’s great that college students have a service like that…

Apparently the non-college student version for this is the Samaritans.


Knock on wood, I hope no one will have to go through the pain to talk to people about sad things, but sometimes we all need to know that it is necessary to get help.

Don’t be afraid! There are people who you can talk to!

Happy valentine’s day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I found something AMAZING last night, will post back tomorrow on it!!

In the mean time, enjoy the chocolate, the roses, and the love!!!!

Dublin’s Gift #4: Temple Bar Market

Temple bar may be the home of pubs, italian restaurants, and many tourist traps, but here is a “tourist trap” that is totally WORTH the money spent.

Every Saturday, Meeting House Square in Temple Bar is transformed into a bustling square filled with enticing smells and vibrant colors.

The variety of foods/produce on sale at the the Temple Bar market is outstanding!

Smack dab in the middle there is a organic vegetable/fruit/produce stand which is quite moderately priced, (delicious!), where people can carefully pick out great vegetables for their meals for the week-your food is only as good as the fresh ingredients you use ;)

Crepes, fresh olives, delectable pastries & cheeses, the list goes on and on…

Succulent Beef Burgers? The Burger Stand is rated “best burger in town” by gourmet magazines.

Hot Dogs? The local butcher has a stand making GREAT hot dogs

Vegetarian?-There’s a vegetarian food stall that sells the BEST Panzarotti ever!

Raw Oysters with white wine and brown bed? Knock em back in!!!

My personal fav is the stand from the food store “gallic Kitchen” where the slabs of quiches are such a good buy for 6.50. the lady who sells the quiches is SO friendly-for the past two years she was almost my aunt, feeding me every Saturday with her melt-in-her-mouth quiche. (try the SALMON quiche, it’s PERFECT.)

There is a perfect little dessert stand owned by a cute Spanish lady…banana bread, toblerone cake, nicaraguan three milk cake….(OMG if you will ever try ANYTHING from her, the three milk cake is to DIE FOR)
My friend Dan with the dessert-lady!!

Temple Bar Market is open every Saturday, from morning till about 5pm. It is HONESTLY not just for tourists; but for everyone who enjoys good food.



In response to Flotsam’s insightful and very well thought out bit on the difference between the North side and the South side, I would like to say…

Well done. Flotsam, you have captured it quite eloquently.

But I will also like to say, even after all that has been said and done, wouldn’t you feel that the divide is closing up?! It might be hard to see it (if for example, you leave in D4 and D9)…but D2 and D1, D8 and D1? It’s looking more and more integrated, I shall say….

Just a thought. Anyone out there with their thoughts?

(p.s. Flotsam, ever thought of writing FOR metroblogs?)

All in all, at the end of the day, I will like to see a more “cohesive” city…but then again, maybe that’s all part of fun and thrill of living in Dublin City. Gotta love the diversity!! :)

Overcrowded Hospitals…There’s a long road ahead….


I am a firm believer in effective healthcare. Everyone is! It’s our lives at stake here! I recently read an article on the current A&E status in Dublin and was appalled at the amount of people who wait MORE THAN 12 HOURS in A&E for treatment…The figure is a whopping 27%. The statistic may not seem huge, but 50.5% of the people admitted to A&E also wait UP TO 6 HOURS.

In the beginning of my school term I accompanied one of my best friends to the hospital so she could get an X-Ray done on her foot-she wasnt walking properly on it and was in huge pain (She ended up having a stress fracture in her foot)…

Going to the hospital wasn’t a problem. The most


More on broadband, I was wondering have anyone tried FON service? It’s a great idea, still in its infancy.

If you don’t know what is FON, to describe it in minimal words, it’s a wifi community to enable bandwidth sharing. You can share your bandwidth via FON routers, a pretty good 802.11g wifi router that you can buy from FON shop for €5. These routers must be registered with FON in order to work, once setup it works like any other router, and when you’re away you can log on to any FON network for free using your FON login.

I like this idea, hopefully it will get more attention and user base.

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