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Thanks Metblogs!!

Just a quick post to say thanks to all at Dublin Metblogs for the warm welcome to the team! I look forward to sharing my experiences of our wonderful city with you all and welcome any comments, compliments, criticism or healthy debate!

All the best…
Sheena xx

Please Donate Now

for Chinese Earthquake Relief Fund.

In Ireland –

Oxfam Ireland (click here)

Red Cross Ireland (click here)


On 5-12-2008, at Beijing local time 14:28pm, a historically rare earthquake of 7.8 magnitude devastated southwestern China, killing close to 14, 866 people by far and trapping thousands of others under schools, factories and houses, while the worst-hit area was still cut off from rescuers today. Now we are facing a crucial time period of rescuing those needy people and helping them with disaster relief. Children are wandering homeless on the street, young people are being buried by their tearing elder parents with unspeakable sadness.

The victims need your help urgently !!! Each dollar/euro from an individual may not have a big impact. But together, it can make a GREAT difference!!! Your generosity is highly appreciated! PLEASE make your contribution to help the earthquake victims!

Irish Entrepreneurs

Ireland is booming with enthusiasm for young entrepreneurs and there is definitely a positive attitude in people for making it big. I met few last week, which I mentioned in my previous post also. ”

NYT excerpt: “they seemingly rank just below rock stars in popularity” .. & who doesn’t want that now :D

The article mentions Enterprise Ireland few times. Another name which comes to my mind (read about them in tech blogs also) is Paddy’s Valley, group of Irish business and technology people who are trying to build better ties between Silicon Valley and entrepreneurs here. Check their website for more information.

via New York Tiimes: Entrepreneurship Takes Off in Ireland

Another interesting google maps feature

while surfing google maps dublin, thru’ their sharing maps feature, if you search something like renting accommodation, it gives a list of people looking for or renting in the maps, quite handy with the location shown in, a lot of them are from itself which shows google map locations. Still a handy way to have quick glance.

Tallest Building Ireland – U2 Tower


Bono U2 tower is to be the tallest in Ireland and a new design has be accepted. An egg-shaped recording studio suspended from the top of a 600ft luxury apartment block was unveiled as part of the rock band U2’s plans for a skyscraper that will dominate Dublin.

Can Someone Fill Me In?

I know this is not the perfect place to rant and write about this…but I think it’s worth a shot asking ppl what they think-mostly because I’m not so sure if this is “the norm” in Ireland/Europe.

I finished the last of my exams on June 1st. It is now June 28th, and NO ONE knows when our results are coming out. My previous experiences in other colleges (in Japan and in the US, we were told IN THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR when our exam results were coming out; all exam schedules were set down to the very day and hour.)

I come here, and we dont know what time our exams are until two or three weeks before, and we have to wait and wait and wait in dread/shivering excitement after the exams for our results to arrive.

And when they do, you have usually forgotten about them already and don’t even remember the exam itself, so you really dont know what question was your downfall/claim to fame.

I want to ask: is this normal in Ireland/Europe/the UK? Have people had similar experiences in their Universities/Colleges?!

UCD advertising on YouTube

Last week, while surfing YouTube, came across UCD banner ad, was a bit amazed to see UCD advertising on YouTube, mebbe its the right way reach the video watching generation :)) .. but still not so sure about it.


Living in 16th Most Expensive City

Recent survey from the Economist Intelligence Unit’s, Worldwide cost of living survey puts Dublin in the 16th position, where a cup of coffee is more expensive than London, NY, Paris :)). Read more HERE. Also, after 14 years of reigning the survey, Tokyo has been replaced by Oslo as the most expensive city to live in the world and the developed western European cities of London, Zürich, Geneva, Paris, Copenhagen, Amsterdam etc etc make up most of the expensive cities in the world.

Dublin’s Best Kept Secret….


…no longer….

IVEAGH GARDENS has always been my favorite park/garden to go to. St. Stephen’s Green is always so full of people, pigeons (yuck), and there is never a nice patch of grass where you can lie down without hitting someone else’s elbow or jabbing someone else in the waist.

Merrion Square is nice, but the sun doesn’t get to all parts of the park through-out the day.

Iveagh Gardens is perfect; with the fountain, the waterfall, and the complete silence.

Tucked away behind a red brick gate, it’s truly the “Secret Garden” of Dublin.

June 14th to June 17th, different cafes and restaurants are joining together for some outdoor fun in the Iveagh Gardens for the TASTE OF DUBLIN festival.

In a warm summer day like this, the only thing you can do in the country is walk around and enjoy the sun in a park…Ice cream in one hand, book in the other!!

Country Pubs Falling

In a BBC article today, read here, the number of pubs in the Irish countryside are falling in numbers and along with that, the world famous Irish pub culture is fading.

trademark Irish venue, the country pub – renowned as a place to chat, have a pint, hear some music and soak up the atmosphere – is facing challenging times
the new rule (smoking ban, drink-driving bans, no public transport), they say, has meant fewer people going to the pub in remote areas, especially during the week.

Last week, the govt. suggested on starting a new bus service “boozer bus” to carry people from countryside to city, bringing people to city for drinking.

I am not sure about this one, but a friend of mine last week told me that, to open a pub/bar in Dublin, they need to close one somewhere else, which means countryside. So they close a bar/pub in countryside and open a new one in Dublin. May be someone else can throw more light on this.

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