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Little Wings, Free tickets!

Thanks to the wonderful folk at Foggynotions, we’ve got 2 double passes to give away for “Little Wings” who is playing Upstairs @ Whelan’s, Wed August 13.

Little Wings is the project of artist and musician Kyle Field. Having worked with stars like M.Ward and Devendra Banhart, Kyle Field released his 7th album last year: Soft Pow’r. His music can be described as lo-fi folk and his latest work has a raw yet slumbering feel like what a grizzly bear might listen to when he’s feeling moody. He’s not unlike the popular Bon Iver and comes with a big thumbs up from us.

to be in with a chance to win tickets, just leave a comment here or send me an email at mytop5blog *AT*

listen to Little Wings, Gone Again

Get Your Tickets… Quick!

It seems order has almost been restored after a festival-filled summer and a spate of indoor gigs are on the agenda to help us through those dreary Autumn months.

First up, a second date has just been announced for MGMT‘s visit to the Ambassador, the pair now play 3rd and 4th of November with tickets for the second show going on sale this Friday 8th August priced €24.50. They are supported by new Canadian favorites Violens, who have been likened to everyone from The Zombies to Prefab Sprout. Their current single Violent Sensation Decends wouldn’t be out of place on a Shins album and is currently making the playlist of every radio station worth it’s salt.

Friday 7th November sees Tripod play host to Goldfrapp. Their latest album, Seventh Tree, saw Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory moving away from the much loved sparkly disco sounds of previous releases such as Supernature and moving in an altogether more grown-up, low-fi direction. Alison’s voice is beautiful enough to carry off their new ethereal sound and the Tripod show, which follows not long after their Electric Picnic date, should be a treat for fans and newcomers alike. Tickets are on sale now and are priced at €32.50 and €35.50 for standing or seated respectively.

November also sees the welcome return of Cold War Kids to our shores. After the unprecedented success of their first album, Robbers & Cowards, the Californian quartet return to Dublin on foot of the release of their follow up album, Loyalty to Loyalty, due for release September 23rd. Cold War Kids play The Academy on November 5th and tickets are €28.50.

AS if that isn’t enough to get excited about, Scottish indie rock veterans Primal Scream play an intimate gig in the sumptuous Olympia Theatre this November 17th. Their current album Beautiful Future sees the band move in an altogether more pop-orientated direction, but if we’re lucky they’ll still belt out some of the old favorites from the glory days of Screamadelica and XTRMNTR.
Tickets €33.60/€39.20


If you can’t manage to stay indoors until November, there is also a veritable plethora of gigs to get excited about in October. The superlative Bon Iver plays Tripod on the 7th of October. After their sellout June show was moved from Crawdaddy to Tripod to accomadate unprecedented demand, Bon Iver’s popularity has been firmly cemented in Ireland and tickets to see Justin Vernon and co perform songs from the absolutely sublime album, For Emma, Forever Ago, will be snapped up. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised to see the October show echo that of the previous with a move to a larger venue.
Tickets €22.50/€27.50

If Black Kids infectious Summer anthem I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You is anything to go by, their gig in The Academy on the 21st October should be a high energy, dance-till-you-drop-sing-along night of fun. With tickets priced at just €17.50 it’d be just plain rude not to go.

Finally, celebrate Halloween night in style with the pioneer of scratrching, king of hip hop dj-ing, the legend that is Grandmaster Flash. He plays Tripod on October 31st and tickets to see one of the founding fathers of hip hop are a mere €20.00.

Opera in the Open

Some free events for opera lovers who are able to get away from whatever they are doing in the middle of the day on Thursdays for a few weeks. The Dublin City Council’s Opera in the Open is back and it’s offering 5 different classical operas at the Civic Office’s Amphitheatre at Wood Quay!

The season starts today and will run for 5 weeks in total. Showtime of 1pm makes it a bit awkward for anyone who’s stuck at work, but otherwise for those around in the city centre, this could be a nice place for extended lunch break if you could afford such flexibility.

  • Thursday 07.08.2008 – Così Fan Tutte (Mozart)
  • Thursday 14.08.2008 – Alcina (Handel)
  • Thursday 21.08.2008 – La Bohème (Puccini)
  • Thursday 28.08.2008 – The Barber of Seville (Rossini)
  • Thursday 04.09.2008 – Don Pasquale (Donizetti)

Now, just one thing to bear in mind. These are not going to be one of those highly elaborated opera sets so don’t expect one like those in Arena di Verona, or something like that. The enjoyment lies in appreciating operatic music with a limited number of cast members. This perhaps require just that little bit more from the cast than usual, in order to continue captivating the audience.

Hopefully the weather will hold up (I know, the last few days have been rubbish weatherwise) and with a little blue sky over the head, this should be fun. I wonder if I could sneak out from work for a bit today…

Movie news

Just back from what was probably the greatest cinematic experience I’ve had, or am likely to have for the entire summer. A relentless, take-no-prisoners journey into the further reaches of the human psyche (or somewhere like that, I’m still not quite sure) that left me helpless in my seat, groaning ‘okay, you win, you win’ as the crowd around me heaved and roared. The Dark Knight? Pshaw. An amateur effort. I refer, of course, to this.

The audience made it what it was- nearly all were (just) pre-menopausal women, and by all that is holy and profane did they love this film. Over to our right one of them was howling uncontrollably from about 15 minutes in, and when Pearse Brosnan opened his mouth to mangle the opening bars of S.O.S, the rest of them just …lost their minds. This is a genius bit of casting, as it seems that nothing will have a woman of a certain age snorting into their popcorn quite as readily as the sight of a very, very good-loooking man singing very, very badly in order to impress a woman of a certain age. And the most wonderful part of his performance is that he knows he can’t sing, which gives it a kind of nobility.

Go. No really, just go. You’ll thank me later.

Time to Sober Up Dublin!


New liquor laws came into effect on Friday July 30th at midnight. The Intoxicating Liquor Act 2008, which seems to have slipped quietly under the radar of the alcohol-consuming public, includes the following changes:

New hours for off sales of alcohol.
• Tougher public order provisions allowing the Gardaí to seize alcohol from minors.
• A court procedure to secure a new wine-only off-licence.
• New grounds for objection to the granting of an off-licence.
• New conditions attaching to the granting of a special exemption order, and
• Holders of theatre licences will be restricted to the normal licensing hours unless additional hours are sanctioned by a special exemption order.

What this basically means people, is that we are being governmentally prevented from getting our drink on in the manner to which we have become accustomed. Now, I’m all for preventing underage drinking, but surely we could take a little guidance from our continental counterparts and encourage the education of children towards the dangers of over-indulgence and ensure more vigilant publicans and off-licence staff rather than giving the oul Gardai free reign to bait the shite out of poor little Timmy who’s been caught with a couple of cans of Dutchy down the shelters because he promised his ma he wouldn’t break ‘The Pledge’.

The bill also abolishes theatre licences, ensuring that all nightclubs, late bars and theatre bars now close at 2.30am. Currently in Ireland, we have relatively staggered closing hours, with pubs closing at 12.30am, late bars at 2.30am, and nightclubs and theatre bars at 3.30am. This sequential system has been found to reduce public order offences [UK Institute of Alcohol Studies], whereas there is no evidence to support the proposal that the new system of having a blanket closing time will have the same effect. The bill that has been passed effectively forces punters into the streets at the same time, putting added strain on taxi services, fast food outlets and local emergency services and gardai. Surely I am not the only one who can see that 1000’s of drunken Dubliners conglomerating on the banks of the Liffey to fight over a taxi or push their way up the que in Rik’s Burgers is going to cause more than a few squabbles? Minister for Justice, Equality & Law Reform, Dermot Ahern, doesn’t seem to think so. According to Deputy Ahern, “people would be staggering from premises to premises if we gave an opportunity to go from bar to late bar and then on to nightclubs”. Now, I am perfectly aware that we didn’t earn our reputation as a nation of drinkers for nothing, but since when is Dermot Ahern judge and jury in charge of enforcing punishment upon us for being fond of the sauce every once in a while? In the wise words of a friend, Ireland has grown into a “fierce progressive place”, and we’re no longer a nation of Jemmy-swilling ogre’s who need constant monitoring. As things were, revellers could finish up their drinks in their boozer of choice and then choose to either head to a nightclub/late bar/whatever or do a legger home. I’ll be the first to admit to occasionally succumbing to the alluring charms of The Gaiety and it’s promise of warm beer in plastic cups at 2.30 of a Sunday morning, but 9 times out of 10 the sight of a yellow taxi light taking the corner at Stephen’s Street is enough to have me skidding through the rain in 6 inch heels and hurling myself in front of said taxi screaming at the occupant to ‘take me home for the love of god’. My point is, most people know when its time to go home. Ok, there’s always going to be the odd hen party bride or drunken suit who’s been slumped at the bar in Cocoon since leaving Deloitte & Touche at 5 o’clock that evening – but if someone is determined to find the next drink, they’ll find it regardless. All the new licensing laws are doing is encouraging house parties, and in return domestic disturbance and neighbours from hell scenarios, along with turfing a load of drunk people out onto the streets of Dublin to make their way home in a city with an already sub-standard transport system.

The bill also prevents off-licences opening beyond 10pm 7 days a week with no exceptions. So if you decide to be a good little civilian and sit down to watch an RTE Saturday Night Movie rather than partaking in the nation’s apparent past-time of choice – binge drinking – you are no longer given the option to pop down the offie for a bottle of cab sav to accompany the giant bar of galaxy that you purchased for the occasion. Tough – you should’ve thought of it earlier.

Not to mention the fact that most nightclubs and theatre-licence holders will be losing an average of 8 hours business per week – with many of them choosing now to not open at all on a Sunday as they will have to close at 1am on ‘the Sabbath’. In a time of imminent recession, it hardly seems clever to be limiting the business hours of one of our most profitable industries now does it?

Call me a sceptic, but as far as I can see the new act achieves nothing but a quick fix to an age old problems. I’d love to stay and hash out some alternatives for our government to mull over between tribunals but it’s nearly 9.30 so I’ve to get myself down to the offo STAT.

Malnutrition, dehydration and The Corpo

So our water went last week. Not the heating, not the shower, EVERYTHING. Without warning we were suddenly transported into some 3rd World Dublin where water was a luxury purchased in 5 litres jerry cans from Centra. One quickly forgets how much we take water for granted until you’re forced to urinate in a corner of your backgarden and bring a towel into work to get a shower.

Not only did I learn to appreciate the necessity of water but also I found out how horrible it is to eat in Dublin after 7pm. On average, I get home from work at 7 and most places that do quick cheap healthy food are closed. When our kitchen had no water I was forced to eat out everyday since I couldn’t cook. Unless you are brave and rich enough to eat in a restaurant on your own for dinner everyday (I’m neither) you’re options are limited to chipper, kebabs, and takeaway.

Thank Jesus we eventually found out the problem before I got heart disease and got someone from Dublin City Council to fix the problem right away. The time it took from us calling the emergency water helpline and the time it took for them to come to the house. 20 minutes. Good to know they can do something right.

Weekend tourist links

“36 hours in ….” is a regular series on NYTimes travel section featuring different world cities. They did one for Dublin last year and they have an updated one for 2008 “36 hours in Dublin”

THE Celtic Tiger, the economic engine that roared in the 1990s, may have softened to a purr today, but Dublin still basks in a newfound prosperity. The city’s compact center, at the mouth of the River Liffey, has become a magnet for young people throughout Europe, imbuing the Irish capital with a modern and international veneer.

Full Article Here.

wall of fame

Also featured is a slideshow of Discovering Old in the New Ireland.

Are you at The Hub?

A few days ago, the Metblogs HQ introduced The Hub to all readers. It is essentially a social networking site, just rather specific to Metblogs community. A lot of Metbloggers worldwide are now on board, and since HQ made the announcement, the number of members have also increased significantly in this little playground, which is great. Afterall, one of the main purposes of The Hub is to foster the links and interactions among and/or between authors and readers.

The Hub

Sean has also came up with some fun stuff for the Hubbers – in the form of Scavenger Hunt! Today marked the first round of this photo hunting competition, which challenged the participants to find and photograph 5 items per a list provided. The number of items may also change from one challenge to another. The other prerequisite is photos must be shot for the purpose of this hunt only, so a proof (i.e. logo/sign indicating Metblogs) must be present in each of the photos. Gregg won the first round in just less than 3 hours, so well done!!!

I tried hunting for the photos after work, but barely got hold of two images before it started pouring. So much for thinking I could continue tomorrow… :p

In any case, if you’re not yet a Hubber, why not sign up to be one now? Chat to the authors – there is a group specific for Dublin Metblogs – and get to know other people on the network a bit more too. Your profile is customable with different backgrounds and colour schemes, and addition of photos and music will cheer the page up quite a bit too. Give it a try.

Have a good weekend everyone, and see you around.

Dublin events (free and non-free)

Hi Dublin!

This is gonna be my first post, and already i’m going to do some advertising just to get it over with. It’s good advertising though as it’s two ways to find out about events in Dublin.

The first is a link to a website with a lot of non-free events a around town. As far as I know it is updated every day. the link is: . It is pretty good to have a website to check out every day around 4 or 5 to see where the crowds will be that night.

The other thing I’d like to mention is a way to  receive a list of free events in dublin. It is sent out by a guy called Joerg. He is doing it on a fully voluntatliy basis. All you have to do is send a request to be put on the list to: .

That’s it for my first post on Dublin Metblogs. Hope you enjoy my posts now and in the future,


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