Malnutrition, dehydration and The Corpo

So our water went last week. Not the heating, not the shower, EVERYTHING. Without warning we were suddenly transported into some 3rd World Dublin where water was a luxury purchased in 5 litres jerry cans from Centra. One quickly forgets how much we take water for granted until you’re forced to urinate in a corner of your backgarden and bring a towel into work to get a shower.

Not only did I learn to appreciate the necessity of water but also I found out how horrible it is to eat in Dublin after 7pm. On average, I get home from work at 7 and most places that do quick cheap healthy food are closed. When our kitchen had no water I was forced to eat out everyday since I couldn’t cook. Unless you are brave and rich enough to eat in a restaurant on your own for dinner everyday (I’m neither) you’re options are limited to chipper, kebabs, and takeaway.

Thank Jesus we eventually found out the problem before I got heart disease and got someone from Dublin City Council to fix the problem right away. The time it took from us calling the emergency water helpline and the time it took for them to come to the house. 20 minutes. Good to know they can do something right.

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