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Thanks Metblogs!!

Just a quick post to say thanks to all at Dublin Metblogs for the warm welcome to the team! I look forward to sharing my experiences of our wonderful city with you all and welcome any comments, compliments, criticism or healthy debate!

All the best…
Sheena xx

Free Tickets Quick Reminder

Remember we have 2 double passes to give away for Damon & Naomi this Wednesday at Whelans.

Put yourself in the draw by replying to this comment or emailing me at “mytop5 at”
I’ll contact the winners on Tuesday.

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Smithfield Multicultural Market

While out eating last weekend I saw this little flyer distributed for a new multicultural market at Smithfield, which is due to be launched officially this Sunday 22 June.

Smithfield Indoor Outdoor Multicultural Market

I was a tad bemused to read the flyer claiming this to be the first multicultural market in Dublin. What about the market in Temple Bar (every Saturday)? Or Dun Laoghaire (every Sunday)? From what I gather of those markets, they are already quite multicultural, with stalls selling Lebanese, Chinese, Indian, Mexican food etc. Definitely options aplenty to suit the taste of many, and for those who like trying something new in small doses.

Still, this market will be at Smithfield not just a day per week like the others. Instead, they run from Friday to Sunday, from 10am to 4pm – 3 days to pick up any of your favourite farmers’ market goodies.

Gimme a hug!

I was leisurely walking to work this morning and lo and behold, a huuuuuuuuge group of young people in the same t-shirt, with some posters. Hmmm, a protest?


They’re dispensing hugs, lots and lots of hugs. Lots and lots of free hugs.

Free hugs volunteer

Organised by, they’re trying to raise awareness and promote positive mental health and wellbeing. Hugs 4 Health. That’s what they’re saying. Afterall, it’s the basic of human touch that keeps us warm and fuzzy, happy and accepting. I’ve got a few hugs in the process of it of course. ;-)

So if you are at around St Stephen’s Green area today between 9.45am and 12.15pm, go on, get some hugs. It’s good for you!

Ps: there’s a photocall at 12.15pm and Ray D’Arcy will be there, so if you have long dreamt of hugging him, this is your chance… :p

Naked in Dublin!

Acclaimed contemporary photographer, Spencer Tunick, brings his controversial art to Dublin this Saturday, June 21st, as he dares Dubliners to bare all. Tunick has been photographing the world’s wobbly bits in the name of art since his beginnings in New York in the early 90’s. His scene’s, or ‘installations’, which feature a sea of fleshy bodies in various formations, have spanned the globe from Mexico to Melbourne and now it’s the time for Ireland to get involved. Hedonistic, fun-loving Catholic nation that we are.
In conjunction with Dublin Dockland’s Development Authority who, along with the U2 Tower, are doing their darndest to make Dublin 1 a ‘hip and happenin’ spot, the, er, festivities will kick off at 3am and although no specific timelines are given, Tunick assures participants that they will only be naked for short intervals at a time. That’s a pretty divisive factor considering the monsoon rains that we’ve been experiencing of late – oh well, it is June after all.
Aside from the blatant weather hazards, the event is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes all body shapes and sizes. Fat or thin, young or old, Tunick’s only stipulations are that you be over 18 years old and sign a release form. Participants are assured of privacy throughout, with only fellow participants and staff allowed access to the installation site.
Now, I can see how privacy issues may be preeminent in oh say, Brazil, in June, with hundreds of bronzed beauties and muscle-bound hunks lining up to be photographed in the buff…. But in Dublin, with Irish people? At 3am after a long hard winter and a not-so-sunny spring, all I can say is that if it’s goose bumps and pasty white limbs you’re into then my top tip to you is to hotfoot it down to the docks at 3am on Sunday and climb the highest lamppost you can find. Or better yet, one of the cranes being used to build the U2 Tower.
After Cork’s installation on Tuesday, Dublin is the second Irish city to get Tunick Fever this week. Symptoms include an uncontrollable urge to drop trou and sporadic bursts of narcissism.

Lykke Rocks Sugar Club

Lykke Li, The Sugar Club
12th June 2008

The Sugar Club is renowned for it’s acoustically rich surroundings, perfectly suited to showcasing the honeysweet voice of Swedish songstress Lykke Li. Her impressive vocal range was particularly apparent on the beautifully melancholic Hanging High, which Lykke consideratly dedicated to “the most heartbroken person in the room”. However, I can’t help but imagine how uncomfortable it must feel to take to the tiny stage at the foot of the theatre-style seating area that overwhelms the venue and be confronted with a bunch of be-trilbied scenesters with one resounding message held in their eyes: impress me. So it’s fortunate for Lykke Li that she’s as mad as a bag of spanners then isn’t it? Following her stupendous three piece band onto stage to the beat of Dance, Dance, Dance sporting a rather impressive giant drumstick and an array of musical paraphernalia adorning her chest like an elaborate necklace, Lykke proceeded to get involved with every aspect of the musical process from start to finish. Unlike the sultry-voiced but ultimately stoic El Perro del Mar (AKA Sarah Assbring) who played support with a sufficiently nonchalant air, Lykke utilised every inch of the tiny stage, grabbing drumsticks, bellowing into loudspeakers and tooting on kazoos like a Maori tribesman on speed. Her manic exuberance was catching and before long the solitary dancing couple at the bottom of the stairs were joined by the, until now, rather inhibited crowd. The set crescendo with radio favourite I’m Good, I’m Gone followed up with a loudspeaker intro to the infectiously catchy Breaking It Up.
Following a brief stage exit, defensively declaring ‘I’m a debut artist!’, Lykke and co. heeded calls for more, asking the crowd whether they wanted to dance or cry. Needless to say, there didn’t seem to be too many morose buzz wreckers in the house so Lykke improvised by performing ragga version of I’m Good I’m Gone and delighted the crowd by breaking into a rather impressive rap which, after a few seconds of dazed confusion, became apparent as A Tribe Called Quest’s Can I Kick It? The newly elated crowed voiced their appreciation for Lykke’s enthusiasm by replying with a resounding ‘Yes you can!’
AS the gig wound up, finishing on a high note and leaving the room buzzing with energy and hankering for just a little bit more, there was a general post-gig consensus that the we, the audience, had laid witness to something just a little bit special.

Damon & Naomi, Free Tix!

Thanks to great people at Forever Presents we have a great indie band coming up and 2 double passes for you to go!

Damon & Naomi, Whelans, Wednesday 25 June.

How do you describe Damon & Naomi? Dream-pop, indie-folk, lo-fi? They’re just really good. Not flashy or extravagant. There are no grab-you-and-shake-you-by-the-collar melodies or riffs. Their music is delicate, intricate and atmospheric. A great band and a great price at 16euro.

To be in the draw for A FREE DOUBLE PASS. Leave a comment below (you’ll have to sign up but don’t worry we don’t send out anything) or email me at mytop5blog at

Listen to Damon & Naomi: ETA

Flux Café

If you haven’t yet visited the Science Gallery then you should take a little time one day and pop in to have a look at the exhibits. Located near Pearse Dart Station end of Trinity College (access through the gate on Pearse St) the entry is free and its current exhibit of Technothreads is a colourful affair not to be missed. The gallery assistants are also very helpful and will take you through the exhibit should you want a personal guide. :-)

Within the gallery there is also a lovely Italian café, run by the same crowd over at Il Caffé di Napoli on Westland Row. They are busy and bustling during lunch time, and I suspect they are very likely to be the customers who normally grab sandwiches to go from Il Caffé di Napoli but now are taking advantage of the sit down area to enjoy their other food offerings.

Flux Café

There you go, some enticing photos from my last lunch visit to Flux Café. Yes, that is the name of the place. A tad unfortunate in my opinion, but forgiven since they do serve delicious grubs. ;-)

No harm having a look at their menu too. (PDF file)

Just for guide : the top left dish is the antipasto misto (I wish they have included mortadella too though), insalata di pera al formaggi (pear and gorgonzola cheese salad) on the top right, ciabatta on the bottom left (a selection of panino is available, either with ciabatta or focaccia) and on the bottom right, polpette e pasta (pasta with meatballs) which is a hot dish.

Flux Café also serves a variety of hot drinks, nutritional juices (including wheatgrass) and desserts. I once had a chocolate cake with caramel sauce in between the layers, and it is absolutely the thing for chocolate lovers.

Buon appetito!

View location in Google Map

Write For Dublin Metblogs!

We at Dublin Metblogs are looking for writers! Here are some details.

– You have complete freedom over what you write as long as it relates to Dublin. It can be reviews of place/event, funny observations, things you hate about the city or just diary of Dublin life.
– You can write as often as you like but should be able to produce at least one post per week.
– You will need to have basic writing skills, such as spelling, grammar and a readable “voice”.

That’s it! This is a great way for people to make the first foray into blogging without the commitments of posting everyday or worrying about site design etc. If you’re interested or need more details, send the text of your first post to mytop5blog at

Planning really far ahead

For those of you who missed the awesome but sold out Bon Iver show recently, tickets are now on sale for his next gig in October.

It’s ridiculous how far you have to plan ahead these days…

Get your tickets here.

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