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Overcrowded Hospitals…There’s a long road ahead….


I am a firm believer in effective healthcare. Everyone is! It’s our lives at stake here! I recently read an article on the current A&E status in Dublin and was appalled at the amount of people who wait MORE THAN 12 HOURS in A&E for treatment…The figure is a whopping 27%. The statistic may not seem huge, but 50.5% of the people admitted to A&E also wait UP TO 6 HOURS.

In the beginning of my school term I accompanied one of my best friends to the hospital so she could get an X-Ray done on her foot-she wasnt walking properly on it and was in huge pain (She ended up having a stress fracture in her foot)…

Going to the hospital wasn’t a problem. The most

Dublin-Student Friendly?!


As a student living in the city centre of Dublin, I constantly compare my life with the life I would have been living as a college student in Boston, MA.

Dublin is a beautiful city. It has culture, it has funky cafes and good places to eat (provided you look for them carefully)

But the problem is, it’s EXPENSIVE!! Whatever happened to the 2 dollar breakfasts, the 3 dollar lunches? And the college-kid friendly diners that are open at 2am and dont charge late-nights? The burgers for 3 dollars?

Coffee for 3 euros? Please. I may be studying to be a doctor, but until then I would like to lessen my college debts by eating less and paying less for things!!


Does anyone know any good places, STUDENT-friendly places? that serve MORE THAN a sandwich for lunch for 5 euros?

Help me out here!

An impoverished student.


One of the reasons, behind my slow blogging and going AWOL frequently, is no-broadband-at-home-yet.

I changed my place couple of months ago, and was not surprise to find out that how damn difficult it is to get a broadband connection from NTL. The place already has an NTL point, so I thought I can call NTL for a cable+internet connection. Here, my mistake was incorrect assumption. After listening the music on NTL tele-sales line for couple of days, I finally managed to talk to an agent. The first response, there’s no NTL connection there, after arguing for half an hour that there’s already NTL connection point there (blah blah), she finally (somehow) found out from the system that “there is” a connection there. Anyway, I got an appointment for next week. Got half day from work to be there for installation (do everybody has to take a half day whenever something need to be installed? I just don’t understand why they don’t work after hours or on weekend!!!), but nobody showed up. Called NTL support, they had no idea of and told me that there’s no way to confirm that there was an installation appointment today. (WTF???) Anyway, I gave them another chance (my mistake again), got appointment after another 10 days. Guess what? Nobody showed up again. No apologies. No confirmation. Just plain bull. Oh yeah, they asked me to open another request to get the connection.

Now I’m waiting to get the connection from Netsource (now Magnet), real nice folks. I called (well, just emailed) for connection, they sent me a form, I faxed back. Now, just the line need to be activated. I’ll be back in blog soon.

I was wondering, is it a normal scenario what NTL did to me? Isn’t there any third party regulation and control authority where you can log complaints?


Wish you all a happy new year. :-)

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