From last 3 weeks, I’m on a house hunt, looking for a place to rent. This has become some kinda little adventure, first of all its so damn hard to get a viewing; second, the places near the city centre come in three flavors i.e., Expensive, Crappy and Creepy; there’s even a hidden one that is a mix of all. Anyway, in this adventure, the things I come across, the weird ones, I tend to ignore; but this, what just happened, was too weird not-to-blog about.

The place that I was going to see, the owner(?) instead of giving me the contact/address details, asked me to…

1. Come to a “totally different” location to meet, and then go see the place.
2. Just wait in the parking lot. (and what? use my intuitions??)
3. Due to “Security Reasons” she didn’t want to disclose house location.

Goddamn! Dude, wtf?

Come alone, Mr. Bond!.

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