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Sunday was too gorgeous to spend inside. I don’t know why the city has seen fit to give us three straight gorgeous weekends, but I’m all set to enjoy them, because it’s going to be non-stop rain all too soon, especially as we speed towards October. So Sunday afternoon I set out with my camera, and went around the corner to Dublin Castle, where I took a walk around their lovely, verdent garden before going to the Chester Beatty Library.


The Library is an impressive, rare collection of East Asian and medieval European artefacts, with a particular focus on religion and religious articles for three major world religions, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity. I only visited the Buddhism section this week, because the library was set to close soon and I still wanted to walk around some more before the light faded. It was fascinating, all the more so when you realize that these objects are, in many cases, the only remaining one of its kind in the entire world. At least, for public viewing. They also have a nice cafe, which is set in the airy, open interior. It’s worth taking a cup of tea there. I’m definitely going back.

From there, I wandered a little ways until I found this charming church tucked into a quiet corner of the city. There was a small, well-tended garden that was obviously a favorite strolling spot for the local folks, as people were ambling leisurely around. There were also some still-budded flowers, which was a nice splash of color amid the green. I sat down and wrote for a little while, enjoying the waning sunshine and watching a toddler kick at a rock on the path.


When it got too cold to sit in the shade in my short-sleeves (seeing as I forgot to actually bring a jacket), I wandered to the other side of the river. After passing three camping shops (which was actually fortunate, as I need to pick up some hiking boots soonish) I saw the Cineworld on Parnell Street and decided to see if there was anything playing I’d be interested in. Lucky for me, Children of Men was showing in about forty minutes, so I got a cup of coffee from the bar (they make a nice one there!) and warmed up a little. The film was fantastic: gritty, fast-paced, and intriguing, it’s one of those rare ones that keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time. I definitely reccomend it, and not just because I have an abiding likeness for Clive Owen.

All in all, a pretty decent way to spend a Sunday.

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