Harbour to Harbour on Paddy’s day

Perhaps one of the better this to do this St Patrick’s day, is to take part in the Harbour to Harbour walk around Dublin Bay in aid of AWARE.

AWARE is the organization that supports people suffering from depression, a worthy cause if ever there was one. Depression is a terrible illness, and people DO suffer hurt and there should be no shame in thier wanting to seek aid and support. We only have to recall the recent tragic events where a mother took her own life and that of her two sons when she cracked under the strain of trying to cope with the illness. It is a loney disease. One where the suffer spirals inwards and lacks the ability to communicate thier pain. Patrick’s day has become too much an alcoholic celebration that makes the depression even more biting as people feel more isolated in a crowd. I lost a cousin to suicide on Paddy’s day. One of the sad statistic of young men in Ireland who takes their own life. And my cousin. May he rest in peace.

So what a better way to celebrate Paddy’s day to say we understand, are aware and recognition that this illness effects us all in one way or another and there is no shame in it. It is a pain like any other and can be helped by a good auld brisk walk. You can do with with your family, friends or on your own, in company. It will be fun and I’ll be there.

The Harbour to Harbour Fun walk takes place at 10.30 on March 17th. You can go from Howth to DunLaoghaire or ‘other way round. What could nicer, the 14.2 miles around the beautiful Dublin Bay. Hospitality on the other side. A certificate of Merit. You photo taken with St Patrick.

And if that is not enough, the event is in association with the DART, so you can hop on train and return in comfort.

For registration and sponsorship, contact Dermot or Louise at AWARE, phone 01 661 7211.

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