No Fireworks on Paddy’s week? AHHHHH, shame!

What’s this? No fireworks on Paddy’s day, or as we say here, Paddy’s week. How cheap. Right tight, okey, they have the Oiche, but that’s a ticketed event in Smithfield. Free alright but limited. Fire works on the Liffey are great and lots of people can see them even out in the burbs, from Dun Laoghaire pier, up Howth hill. All over the place, for a brief moment, the city’s centre is alight and a focus.

I remember the time they did the Custom House, it exploded in light, reflected on the water. Everything was wild, beautiful, exciting. Of course it nearly burnt the place down but hey, wouldn’t be the first time. And now they put them out on the river, the new glass cages catch the light and echo the sound. What a show. For those brief few moments, we’re all kids. I like it. And as a friend says who has young ones, it’s short, enough and makes everyone feel happy to walk back home.

The Paddy’s day thing-me-giggy has gotten too, way too arty-farty, too thematic, and forgets it’s job, yep, JOB (working class word (ordinary word) meaning purpose, reason, no Arts Council grant stuff) to connect to the people of Dublin. Free fireworks meant that lots of people got a laugh, something wonderful and enjoy the Liffey in all it’s reflective glory. Free, accessable and a Dublin city experience. You just can’t beat the old crash, bang, wallop of a big firework display. It brings out the kid in us all.

Shame, contact to say, light up our lives. After all, auld Paddy was found of the illuminations, sure didn’t he steal the fire from the druids and light up the hill of Tara? Protest lads, protest. We need more protest in this country.

Help save the Paddy’s day from becoming a damp squid of a celebration, give the people, all the people, a grand bit of craic, FIREWORKS, we want FIREWORKS!!!!!?

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