The Liffey, alive, alive, aliveO with workers

I’ve just come in from the banks of the Liffey, from a wonderful sight. Lots of fishermen and their various size boats. All were protesting against the proposal to crimalize certain critera of thier operations if they are found at fault. In other EU countries they face fine but here they will become criminals.

Nightime in the city with the new glass cages glowing on the banks, The Liffey deep and dark and flowing. Dublin, filled with fishing boats, an unusal sight. Along the quay side boats chugged and purred. Tiny French syle trawlers tied up alongside sleek steel monsters. Buddies in arms. The crewman on the Endevour told me his boat was Scottish style and he pointed on the old Irish style D147 trawler. I never knew there were so many types. All real working boats with hardy crew determined to have their voice heard. Polite and kind for they had made a point of not requesting the East Link bridge to be opened during main commutor or commerical transport time. And it cost then a lot of personal money to make this protest. For the first time ever, all the fishermen were united. And about time too.

They have a hard life for sure and their work has become more hampered then helped by EU regulations. Now our government wants to make them criminals. They need to make this protest and they did it in fine style. They looked majestical along the quayside. Proud workmen. And they were doing this in Cork, Waterford and Galway too. Right on.

We need more protest in Ireland. And it was a good sight as us landlubbers said on the docks. We voiced our support and admiration. Great to see the river alive again with working vessels. Good to hear the working class voice. I hope mandrins in government will pay heed to their honest voices. I wish the fishermen well and say they are totally right. You are not criminals just workers.

Slowly the small ships broke away and chugged down the river and waited for the bridge to open. Time passed, boats waltzed in the water. Were they not going to let the out?

No, just a simple mistake. The guy who opens the bridge had brought the wrong key and so they had to wait for him to correct his mistake. But at least he did face the threat of a criminal record for his errors.

Finally, the bridge rose in salute and the boatmen laughed and set off to sea and I wish them well. In the good old Dublin tradition – Up the workers! Good to see a united front. It was a great sight.

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