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That’s not very nice, Pres S…

The vote on Lisbon Treaty had been carried out and it was rejected. How a “mere” 1.5 million Irish had made such decision that affects some 490 million Europeans. Post referendum analysis showed misinformed voters who voted No for a myriad of reasons that most had nothing to do with the Treaty itself. Now, that, was really unfortunate.

Quoting a friend who was frustrated with the outcome “If anyone voted No as a protest to the current government, or other equally childish excuses, I will call him/her a stupid muppet to his/her face. I have no problem with people having different political views from mine, but I have major bone to pick with someone who can’t get their facts right and vote in accordance to the issue.”

Nonetheless, the majority of the half of the country that bothered to come out and vote wants their voices to be respected. Regardless of the reason behind their ticks on the ballot paper.

What’s next? Well, that’s what everyone would like to know.

There had been this axe hanging across the neck of Ireland, of potential exclusion from an unified European Union. The Taoiseach had been asked “to come up with a solution” but of course time is needed to plan things through. Too hastily declaring something would undoubtedly put the voters on the defensive.

Step in President Sarkozy.

Even before he took over the presidency, his reaction to the No vote had been swift and antagonistic. I understand he is anxious over the uncertainties, and he is keen to make his mark during this presidency, but surely there’s a more diplomatic way to go about this?

Perhaps not in his world. Instead, from where he stands, “The Irish will have to vote again“. Just like that. Ouch, not a nice nor conductive remark in the strive for a solution. His team of staff has no choice but to work on damage control. Playing down the implication of his comment. Respin it as “The Irish will probably have to vote again“.

Ah politics…

(Yes, I am a major sceptic when it comes to trusting the nature of politics, regardless of who’s right and who’s wrong, or even where is the middle ground for everyone. Let’s see what’s next in this unfolding saga.)

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