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Maser Loves You 2

Following on Lil post on Maser Loves You. Yesterday, while walking on George’s Street, there were stickers of Maser Loves You on most Traffic Light post for “Maser Loves You”. Maser is a graffiti artist, but does these post have any meaning or just random promotion.

Maser Loves You 2

Maser loves you

A couple of weeks ago, heading into the city from Harcourt, as I normally would in the morning, something in neon orange and loving message caught my eyes. “Maser loves U”, it said. Right next to “You are beautiful”. Rather bemused, I took a snapshot of that and thought nothing of it.

Perhaps it was some sort of marketing stunt, or someone trying to propose to his girlfriend or something?

Maser 1

Then, just over the weekend, I ventured to Dundrum after some 4-5 months since my last visit out there. Lo and behold, another Maser and his love variety message, this time a not-so-pretty grafitti that’s now partially concealed by an equally ugly board of green across the front of it.

Curious. Very curious indeed.

Maser 2

Does this Maser fellow has permission to do something like this all over the city? These are but two that I have noted. How many more are there in around the city?

Well it would seem like he does. And he has done quite a few pieces of such art!

A quick googling reveals that this guy is a graffiti artist, promoting the art of graffiti in the Irish society, while working closely too with some commercial brand names in their advertising endeavours. There are quite a number of his workpieces reputedly on display quite near where I live, so perhaps I should go and have a look at them too…

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