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Shop at Lidl?

The last couple of posts by Sheena that touched on (non) recession and rip-off Ireland reminded me of this blog that I came across a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t quite occur to me to share the link because the blogger Kate Nolan is based in Kilkenny. Silly me. She may be based outside Dublin but what she blogs about is relevant to pretty much everyone in this country.

Lidl Treats was started to dispel the “shame” in shopping at Lidl – it’s strange, in my opinion, to have people complaining about prices then would be ashamed of being seen shopping somewhere where the prices are reasonable – and to show, how products from Lidl can be comparable in quality and value to products in other supermarkets, if not of better value. However, it’s not always just downright approval for all the products from Lidl, and Kate does point out if she prefers particular products over another of the same line. Frank opinion is always a good thing.

For any sceptics out there, Kate also pointed out that she’s not on Lidl’s payroll (scroll down to comments section). In fact, she was a little sorry about the choice of the name for the site, because it’s going to be limiting on what she blogs about.

I wonder if there is someone out there writing about Aldi Treats…

In case you’re also interested in what a couple other bloggers are saying about value for money and other consumer related issues, have a look at Irish Times Pricewatch blog, Value Ireland and Money Guide Ireland as well.

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