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Thierry the thief, Thierry le voleur

The look on Shay Given’s face, when he grabbed on to the Swedish referee and told him it was a handball but just got shrugged off. It was heartbreaking. And in the same way, the loss was heartbreaking. The boys were devastated after putting through such a sterling performance tonight. France pulled through an advantageous goal because there was a thief amongst the lot.

Meet Thierry Henry.

La main de Thierry (via @bruno_tran)

La main de Thierry (via @bruno_tran)

It doesn’t matter what the tv commentators are saying, that “such a thing unfortunately happens” or all the other consolation gobbledygook about the match. We were robbed. In a way, yes, it is unfortunate, but such a thing shouldn’t have happened! Could the referee not take a moment to consider the situation, perhaps confer with the linesman, when there were so many other players protesting over it?

2 offsides and 2 handballs.

How can that be justified? How?

Now, a selection of some of the comments published on Twitter so far:

  • Thierry Henry, I’m really happy for you and imma let you finish, but Diego Maradona had the best handball of ALL TIME! (via @darraghdoyle @Shiminay)
  • New French flag – Jesus people work fast! – Imagine what 2mo is going to be like! (via @lexia @JulieDil @davanac)
  • If I even SEE a croissant tomorrow… (via @shanehegarty)
  • wow, just the two handballs from thierry henry in that goal. maradona only needed one. (via @heg @curlydena)
  • Thierry “The Thief of St Denis” Henry. Copyright George Hamilton. (via @tigercooke)
  • FFS!!! Thierry the thief. Beyond angry and disappointed. And seriously, referee – go to Specsavers and get new glasses!!! (via @DUBMetblogs)

I’m a bit too cross to rant right now. If I continue, I may also say something that I’ll deeply regret tomorrow morning. And I can’t watch the replays anymore either. It’s too painful and the wound is too fresh. The boys have done well and we’re proud of them.

Besides, I need to get off here now and lodge a complaint to FIFA. You can do that too, by following this linky to FIFA comment page.

Vote for the Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher

After the new 7 wonders of the world, the new7wonders organization is running a campaign to find the New 7 Wonders of Nature. A total of 261 qualified national and multinational nominees from 222 countries are participating and your votes will decide which of these 261 nominees make it to the top 77 by group categories. Cliffs of Moher, in County Clare is in the running under the seascape category and it currently stands at No. 10 in that group.

I have been getting a lot of message for Cliffs of Moher pics on flickr by Moher Man, who is on a mission to get as many vote as possible for the Cliffs. Go Vote for the Cliffs of Moher:

Grand Slam Champions 2009


Photo Courtesy: RBS Six Nations

What a game. One of the best I have seen and so nerve wrenching until the last minute. Great game. Congratulations to the Irish team for their brilliant effort throughout the competition. A well deserved win.

On grafton street, Irish Fans celebrating with a french TV presenter. More pics here.

While am on the topic of sports, also Bernard Dunne claimed the WBA World super bantamweight title last night at the O2. Another great effort. Well Done.

A great day for Irish sports.

Six Nations: Big Day for Ireland

irelandpclohessymed-copyIn a few hours, Ireland would be facing Wales for the Grand Slam. It was 1948 when Ireland won their last Grand Slam and its been long time in waiting. There is a lot of excitment and support the team. Go Ireland!! Good Luck!!

Photo Courtsey: RBS6Nations Wallpapers

Player of the RBS 6 Nations Championship

How was your Paddy’s Day celebration? Were you taking full advantage of the weekend festival line-ups, as well as yesterday’s parade (which seemed very similar to last year’s but with notable addition of Simpsons and family)? And for those attending the All-Ireland Club final in Croke Park on a beautiful spring day, did you enjoy the action regardless of which club you were supporting?

Now, with all those out of the way, the eyes are now on the upcoming final match of the 6 Nations Championship, between Ireland and Wales. The mention of you-know-what is almost taboo-like (that even I am a little scared of uttering the words) and to be honest, I have been all nerves about it since Sunday. In the last couple of days, I must have read more articles, pundit predictions and comments that I care for, each time with this rush of thumping heartbeat. I am as yet uncertain how I’ll survive until Saturday with this eternal palpitations…

The players in contention (images compiled from RBS 6 Nations website)

The players in contention (images compiled from RBS 6 Nations website)

All talks aside, there’s something else of matter too – the Player of the RBS 6 Nations Championship. It’s time to rally everyone to vote for Dublin’s favourite son – Brian O’Driscoll – and see him regaining this title this year after it was awarded to Wales’ Shane Williams last year. Brian O’Driscoll was the winner for both 2006 and 2007. Let’s help him get it back this year! You can vote for it on the RBS 6 Nations fan’s poll.

The contenders this year, apart from Brian O’Driscoll, are Jamie Heaslip (Ireland), Paul O’Connell (Ireland), Lee Byrne (Wales), Delon Armitage (England) and Sergio Parisse (Italy).

Yup, three Irish players ranked among the top 6 players of the tournament, that’s very impressive. Indeed, all the players above have shown great sportsmanship and skill on the field, and each of them worth of the title, but we want our men to win – so go on, cast your vote! Voting opens now and will close on Monday 23rd March at 5pm.

Ps: the mind games began, with Wales’ coach Gatland arrogantly undermining the ability of the Irish team. Re comment that his players dislike Irish the most, I think it’s very sad for someone in his position to bring comments like this into the game.

Superstars of Dance

NBC recently started a new dance show, yeah another one, which showcases traditional dances from 8 countries competing for the title. Irish team:





I think, the group one was quite good. There are some more good ones, check them out.

The referendum for Treaty of Lisbon

We have seen the posters for the upcoming referendum all over the place, a majority of them urging on Yes vote, and a small handful promoting No vote. Set to take place on 12 June 2008, Ireland is the only country that is holding such referendum (the other European states are based on parliamentary decision) that may or may not lead to the ratification of this treaty.

Yet, when asked, not many people really know what this treaty is about. I have yet to see any leaflets aimed to educate the voters about the treaty and allows them to make informed decision prior to going to poll. We have a voice, but we need to know for what purpose are we exercising our rights! To date, some 47% still doesn’t know what to vote and I’m certain a majority of them are confused voters.

The following sources are good starting points for those seeking information:

I hope you find these links useful.

Dynamic Wind – Part 2

Few months back, I posted (Dynamic Wind) of my first experience of so much wind in Dublin/Ireland :D (in my opinion its windy all the time) and its role in giving an alternative source of energy for Ireland and about how new architectural buildings (in Dubai, Chicago) will be exploiting the powers of wind. And with the advancements in the sustainable sources of energy, its one of the best sources of energy for Ireland.

Today, CNet has an interesting article on Ireland: Where Wind Power is King. Excerpts:

Studies show that onshore and offshore wind turbines located in the republic could deliver approximately 5,000 megawatts of power over both parts of the island, he added.

The government will likely surpass its goal of having 1,200 megawatts of wind by 2010. (Ireland’s ultimate goal is to get 33 percent to 42 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020, a fairly high figure for an industrialized nation.)

The island is one of the first landfalls for winds crossing the Atlantic, so wind hits harder and more constantly than most places in continental Europe. The capacity factory for onshore wind turbines–the measure of how much of the time the turbine is actually cranking out power..

SEI, is the Irish Energy Centre set up by the government in 2002 as Ireland’s national energy agency, and are doing lots of interesting sustainable energy related projects and research n development in the field too.

Great work for the country, for any future possible energy crisis, which we (as world) are sure to face.

PS: You already heard from Matt in previous posts, n I would officially like to welcome Matt as a new author to Metblog Dublin. Welcome n Have fun Matt.

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