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Vote for the Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher

After the new 7 wonders of the world, the new7wonders organization is running a campaign to find the New 7 Wonders of Nature. A total of 261 qualified national and multinational nominees from 222 countries are participating and your votes will decide which of these 261 nominees make it to the top 77 by group categories. Cliffs of Moher, in County Clare is in the running under the seascape category and it currently stands at No. 10 in that group.

I have been getting a lot of message for Cliffs of Moher pics on flickr by Moher Man, who is on a mission to get as many vote as possible for the Cliffs. Go Vote for the Cliffs of Moher:

Dublin’s Interesting’ness on Flickr

Photo Courtesy (with permission): dElay Flickr Profile

This is one of the most interesting (‘ness flickr measure for being on top) and also one of most favourited shot when you search for the term ‘Dublin’ or ‘Ireland’ on flickr, by Dominik Banasik. Among others, personally, this one particularly strikes me, bit rainy, flip flops, beer included (holding a bottle), not very apparent, n great composition. Rightly titled ‘After Party’ by Dominik, the shot was taken in a Dublin park near temple bar (guessing st. stephen’s green, the bench is pretty cool too).

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

St. Patricks' Day Parade

St. Patricks' Day Parade

It was a beautiful spring day for this year’s St. Patricks Day parade and thanks to (@pixie) for providing the passes for the vetting viewing area and a wonderful photo taking opportunity. Also, thanks to the St. Patricks Festival guys (@stpatricksfest) for their good work. Have a look at some of the great shots over at the St. Patrick’s Group at, there are some awesome shots. Also if you have photos from the parade, do share them with the group.

Where was Matt dancing?

OK, something a little light-hearted for a change. This video has been making its mark on the cyberspace for a while now, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Since it features Dublin in the course of this video, why not share it here?


Out of curiosity, I did a count and there were 68 cities visited throughout the course of the video, from 42 countries. To travel all these places within 14 months is very impressive. Of course it helps to have a sponsor that pays for the travel.

Considering my travels are all self-funded, I’m proud to say I’ve been to 13 of the 68 cities featured in this clip. Yay! Of course there are places that I’ve been which Matt hasn’t, and vice versa. I’m hoping to be able to hit the road in reasonably near future and who knows where my next travel adventure will bring me to… ;-)

Superstars of Dance

NBC recently started a new dance show, yeah another one, which showcases traditional dances from 8 countries competing for the title. Irish team:





I think, the group one was quite good. There are some more good ones, check them out.

Gone are the days of the 10 penny mixture…

I think I’ll start a regular ‘Rip-off Ireland’ name and shame spot, prompted by the fact that retailers in ‘Dublin’s fair city’ think that they can charge what they damn well please and get away with it. For an excellent example of this, see Conor’s post from a few weeks ago about rip off rice merchants.

Another shining example: I brought my 5-year-old son and 8-year-old cousin to Charlestown Shopping Centre during the week to run a few errands. After bribing them with anything their little hearts desired to ‘please behave for just half an hour’, I made good on my promise and told them to pick out 5 sweets each from the pick-n-mix vendor, Sweet Express. My jaw almost fell off when the assistant asked for payment of €7.90. Yes, you read right… €7.90. For 10 sweets.

More fool me for paying it you might say, but (note to self) doe eyes and quivering lips can be a powerful tool.

Are you at The Hub?

A few days ago, the Metblogs HQ introduced The Hub to all readers. It is essentially a social networking site, just rather specific to Metblogs community. A lot of Metbloggers worldwide are now on board, and since HQ made the announcement, the number of members have also increased significantly in this little playground, which is great. Afterall, one of the main purposes of The Hub is to foster the links and interactions among and/or between authors and readers.

The Hub

Sean has also came up with some fun stuff for the Hubbers – in the form of Scavenger Hunt! Today marked the first round of this photo hunting competition, which challenged the participants to find and photograph 5 items per a list provided. The number of items may also change from one challenge to another. The other prerequisite is photos must be shot for the purpose of this hunt only, so a proof (i.e. logo/sign indicating Metblogs) must be present in each of the photos. Gregg won the first round in just less than 3 hours, so well done!!!

I tried hunting for the photos after work, but barely got hold of two images before it started pouring. So much for thinking I could continue tomorrow… :p

In any case, if you’re not yet a Hubber, why not sign up to be one now? Chat to the authors – there is a group specific for Dublin Metblogs – and get to know other people on the network a bit more too. Your profile is customable with different backgrounds and colour schemes, and addition of photos and music will cheer the page up quite a bit too. Give it a try.

Have a good weekend everyone, and see you around.

Random Thought

What happened to all the single decker buses in Dublin?

gobsmacker of the day

Seen in Donnybrook Fair, Baggot St (just before I left, empty-handed and vowing never to return). For our American readers, it converts to $13.10 for 8.818 ounces. That’s some pricey rice…

Spotted at Temple Bar…

… Mexican-themed stag party!

Mexican stag party

Well, it’s nearly impossible to walk past Temple Bar during the weekends without coming across at least a couple of hen/stag parties. For some reason, Dublin seems to be very popular for such events. Maybe the restaurants here are more tolerant in accepting a rowdy group of friends who are also very likely to have had a few drinks before the dinner? Maybe there are more choices of bar in the city? Maybe they’re becoming part of the “attractions” of the city? ;-)

Spot the groom who’s standing out like a sore thumb in his lovely pink tutus among a bunch of macho Mexican poncho wearing friends. He even grinned and waved at me after spotting me taking this group shot, lol…

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