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U2 Live on Youtube

I doubt anyone would not have heard of this yet…


Given we’re changing the clock this weekend (yay, an extra hour to sleep!), good thing the transition is between Saturday and Sunday, as the gig is scheduled for Sunday 8.30pm in LA -> therefore Monday 3.30am in Dublin. Since it’s a bank holiday on Monday, it shouldn’t be too difficult for fans to stay up late and watch the live streaming with a few mates.

The official streaming page.

Maybe just make sure it’s not too loud that disgruntled neighbours end up sending the Gardaí over…

My memory of (Boyzone and) Stephen

Everyone’s tweeting today on the sudden death of Stephen Gately. News outlets internationally are writing columns of obituary and tributes. Media notables and fans are saddened by the news. Boyzone found themselves to no longer be a band of five.

Growing up in South East Asia in the 1990’s, boybands were de rigueur du jour. There was the sensational New Kids on the Block, soon rivalled by Take That but also quickly usurped by Backstreet Boys. At the same time Boyzone came onto the radar and sure enough, the entertainment magazines were pitting the Americans against the lads from UK and Ireland – NKOTB vs TT, BSB vs BZ. It wasn’t even unusual to see magazine covers graced by these guys issue after issue.

Boyzone : Mikey, Keith, Ronan, Shane and Stephen

Boyzone : Mikey, Keith, Ronan, Shane and Stephen

My initiation to Boyzone was during a school trip, when a friend raved over “Love me for a reason” and had played the cassette (yes, cassette!) of the band’s debut album on the bus as part of the road entertainment. A couple of years later, when I was moving to Ireland, said friend made me promised to tell if I ever meet any of the boyz.

Sure enough, Ireland is a small country and Dublin is not all that big either. About a week or two before Stephen came out publicly, I bumped into him at the Westbury Hotel. (I got an autograph but I don’t think I ever remembered posting it to my friend.) Not long after that I also bumped into Ronan Keating and Shane Lynch at Dublin Airport, when I was there to meet an aunt who was returning from her holiday.

What I remember of the boyz were chart-topping pop songs loved by many (SE Asian market was – and still is – very much pop/rock-orientated). An ex even bought a special collection Swatch which had been programmed to scan as entry ticket to their concert as a birthday gift. I couldn’t go though, bummer.

Moving to Ireland, I found it rather strange then that not many people I know seemed to like them. Or at least nobody was admitting to it. Yet they continue to sell their singles and tour dates like hot cakes. I began to think maybe the people I know were closet fans. Or perhaps it was an uncool thing to openly claim listening to boy/girl band of any sort?

That mattered not to me. I happily listened to them from time to time, and I attended a gig during their last tour prior to their split. I got lucky and had amazing seats near the front, at the centre block. I went on to have a great time, and so did my cousin who was highly sceptical of them (she was more into R&B than pop).

Never one to follow artists’ careers closely (even to this day), and as my music preference changes over the year, I never quite knew exactly the direction each of the boyz were taking during the split. I saw videos of Ronan on MTV, news article on Stephen’s West End shows, and glimpses of Keith Duffy on Coronation Street when I was channel-hopping. When they re-formed the band last year, I respected their decision to perform a come-back tour but by then I have left my teenage-year admiration behind me and not at all too nostalgic over it.

On hearing the news today, that Stephen had died in his sleep at the age of 33, I was saddened nonetheless. He was gracious to me when I bugged him for an autograph (what can I say – I was very young and impressionable back then, with too little sense) and he was a talented young man who co-fronted Boyzone with Ronan. His role in the band was an important one, his voice distinctive and instantly recognisable in their hit tunes.

There will be investigation in the next couple of days to look into the cause of death, and the boyz are reported to be heading out to Majorca where Stephen was on holiday with his civil partner Andrew Cowles. A family spokesman claimed there was nothing untoward that led to his death but attributed it to natural causes, and a funeral in Dublin is planned for hopefully by the end of the week, accounting for time to conduct the post-mortem examination and arrangement to fly the remains home.

Meanwhile, in memoriam of someone who loved to sing and to please the crowd, here’s Stephen singing Beyoncé’s Single Ladies.

Playhouse Animation and Baroque Orchestra

The Dublin Theatre Festival starts tomorrow, and the Culture Night is running on Friday, so here are a couple of events that may be of interest to you.

First up, in conjunction with the Theatre Festival are bringing Playhouse Animation to the Liberty Hall. The animations will run daily from dusk till dawn, 24th September to 11th October, and you can also design an animation yourself to go on the building! You can watch the behind the scene video here, or the following video taken during a test run last month to get a sense of what’s going on.


(It reminds me of the interactive Crown Fountain at Millenium Park in Chicago, minus the fountain.) ;-)

Now, onto Friday and Culture Night. As previously mentioned, some events require a reservation ahead, and the Irish Baroque Orchestra Chamber Soloists will be performing using 18th century musical instruments (oh yes, they don’t just play Baroque music, they’re trying to keep the sound as authentic as possible!) pieces by some of the greatest composers of the era including Handel, Tartini, Vivaldi and Schmelzer.

It will be held at Walton’s Music Store, 69 South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2. The event starts at 6.30pm and the performance time is 1 hour. Places are limited. To reserve your place for this special intimate performance, please send your name and address with Baroque Tickets in the subject line to and don’t forget to specify the number of attendees as well.

Have fun!

Omagh Community Youth Choir – Love Rescue Me

We have posted about Playing for change already twice, here and here, and this is third one, but I wanted to post this one all along, but the video was not available. I found the video, original full version here, of the Omagh Community Youth choir performing ‘Love Rescue Me’ and as I said last time it is meant to be brilliant and It Is. Daryl J Simpson, choir director and founder, also talks about his reason for founding the choir and how music has brought people together for generations.


Its our world, share music n care for all.

C: The Brian Cowen Story


Directed by Derek O’Connor and Ian Whelan for the Leviathan Political Cabaret.

Seen on

Playing for Change: Message of Peace n Love

Playing for Change is a multimedia movement created to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music.

Started by Mark Johnson, it covers 10 year journey of Mark and team around the world to bring people together through the power of music and creating a unique composition of songs like “Stand By Me”, “One Love” and their first original song “Don’t Worry”, which is another favorite of mine. Though I like them all, their composition, of even the classics, with musicians from around the world singing make them more interesting and that much more powerful in conveying the message of peace and love. Its an inspiring piece of work in the world we live in today.

To post it on Dublin Metblogs, it had to have some Dublin/Irish connection :), which was not over hard to find, today they released a new song “War/No More Trouble”, starting in Israel, going through Congo, South Africa and various other places around the world, ending with Bono (U2) singing in Dublin, Ireland; and some other Irish musicians part of it are:

Cathy Jordan

Liam O Maonlai

Omagh Community Youth Choir – their cover of “Love Rescue Me” is meant to be very good (not out yet)


The foundation provides supplies, resources, educational programs etc. to musicians and communities around the world. Check their youtube channel for more videos. Or have a look at their journey here.

Don’t Worry by Pierre Minetti, Barcelona.


Bollywood comes to Dublin

I never imagined I would be posting about Bollywood dancing on Metblogs Dublin :) but here I am, get your dancing shoes on Dubliners for some Bollywood style dancing.

If you read The Sunday Times today, you would already know what I am talking about, on third page, there is a call for people to star in a small budget bollywood style movie to be shot by David O’Sullivan (of Nun More Deadly) and for the final (or not) scene (remember like in Slumdog Millionaire), Dubliner’s have been invited to star in the dance scene.

Bollywood (producing more than 1000 movies per year) shoots most (or many) of their dance numbers in foreign locations like London, Switzerland, Paris, NY etc etc. And Ireland is hoping to get a share of the pie (in 2006, the Taoiseach sent a high profile delegation to get some of that business but not very successful in attracting yet). And now, David has taken the task and to show that Ireland IS suited for Bollywood (with beautiful locations on west, wicklow, etc..), by shooting a short movie with singing n dancing and final dance scene number, written by Deco and Brez from Republic of Loose band.

If you want to be part of it, have a look at this video and rehearse the dance routine and send your details (name, phone no., playing age, dance ability) to Sounds lotsa fun and the dance routine seems quite interesting and not that tough. Get your bollywood shows on :) and see you there.


Rough Song translation: “Look by Look, I gave you my heart, Dhak Dhak ‘heart beats’, and I am in love now, ..” repeats n repeats.

And finally I just wanted to share the video of the dance routine of the picture above from the movie Devdas (first bollywood movie to premiered at Festival de Cannes) (the photo on Sunday Times is from same movie).


Belfield FM: The NOC List

[Dublin Metblogs] Belfield FM is the official full time radio station of University College Dublin, managed and run by students of UCD. Until last semester, it was mainly web only, but starting from this week, it has gone On Air, Listen Live on 89.9 FM. I haven’t listened to all shows but the one I like is The NOC List or the ‘non-official-cover list’ by Ross and Shane, which has been on air since Sept. last year, airing every week from 7 PM to 9 PM on Thursdays. According to their facebook page, their aim is broadcast ‘what’s been forgotten and ignored by radio’. First half of the show is covered by Shane and is more indie, rock, folk n alternate sort of music and in the second half, by Ross, get your grooves on, with electronic, new wave, 80’s disco, with some classics thrown every now n then.

You can also follow them on twitter or check out their blog. They are quite interactive with their tweets during the show, give them a shout :)

There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama?

Taking a break from the usual Dublin-related blog entries, I came across this video while catching up on some US election articles on The Guardian. Hurray to the Irish for embracing diversity and never forgetting one of their own – Obama’s great great greatgrandfather hailed from Co. Offaly.

(By the way, all the 4 main names on the election tickets have Irish ancestry. I wonder if the others have songs written and dedicated just for them the way it does for Obama.)


You can sing along to the chorus too, if you wish:
O’Leary, O’Reilly, O’Hare and O’Hara,
There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama,
From the old Blarney Stone to the green hills of Tara,
There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama.

Not sure though if Bill O’Reilly would be pleased with such inclusion. He hasn’t exactly been a fan of Obama of late from what I gather from the media…

Snow Patrol at HMV Grafton St

The lads are in town to promote their latest album, and you can try to squeeze in some free performances next week on Friday at lunch time! It does mean a little queueing required in the morning to get some sort of wrist band. (Details below, as print screen-ed from HMV’s website)

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