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DUB Metblogs on iPhone

You can now access your favorite Metblogs Dublin site on your iPhone / iTouch, just point the mobile safari browser to “” and it will redirect you to the optimized site. And you can leave comments, read full posts and share posts all thru’ the mobile site.


Ranelagh Film Club

The Last Time Poster

Happiness Poster

Howard Linnane is screening The Last Time and Happiness as part of his film club this week, followed by a Q&A with yrs truly. In Russells of Ranelagh, Wednesday 9th July at 2 o’clock, free entry. If you’re there, do say hello.

Clips from both films here

The main feature is ‘The Hollywood Librarian‘ (dir Ann Seidl; 2007, U.S.), a full-length documentary examining the cinematic stereotypes of the librarian in American films down through the years, including clips from the films linked by commentary from Seidl.

Mandela’s birthday messages

You may be aware that Nelson Mandela turns 90 this year. In just about 10 days or so as a matter of fact. This is the man who have fought against apartheid, campaigns tirelessly for peace, raising awareness of children’s needs, spearheading Nelson Mandela Foundation, etc.

In celebration of his birthday, Unicef Ireland, The Sunday Times and An Post are working together, to bring you an opportunity to send your birthday message to Mandela.

Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela

If you’re a reader of The Sunday Times, you would have received a freepost postcard in the newspaper that you can use to send your personal message. Otherwise, you may have been approached at train/tram stations in the city by volunteers who are helping to distribute the postcards.

If you haven’t got a postcard and would like to send a message nonetheless, you can also do so through Unicef’s online message portal. Otherwise, I also have some spares (I am one of the above-mentioned volunteers), so email me at lil.metblogs[at] and I can organise to get one (or a few) over to you.

Dublin Metblogs on Twitter

In order to provide our readers the best service, Dublin Metblogs is available to follow on twitter as of now.

The link (, follows us and we’ll follow you.

Happy Twittering!!

Update: And if you don’t know what twitter is, its a tough question to explain in one line, so check this out – Twitter in Plain English (LINK)

Also, if you know of any essential Dublin Twitter feeds we should follows, let us know.

Dublin Cine-Cafe


I went to one of Howard’s screenings in Russell’s pub in Ranelagh last month – it was fun, he showed two shorts and Godard’s La Chinoise to mark the anniversary of May ’68. Rather than cutting-and-pasting the info in the document he sends out to his mailing list, I’m posting a screengrab of the actual mail as it gives a flavour of the rather wonderful, very intense film fan that is Howard Linnane. I love that “4:30 to 6:15 or so”.

A living legend walks the streets of Dublin


Crispin Hellion Glover is in town for the Darklight Festival. There should be a few tickets left, including mine which I had to give up as I’m double-booked. If you get there, let us know how it went.


Write For Dublin Metblogs!

We at Dublin Metblogs are looking for writers! Here are some details.

– You have complete freedom over what you write as long as it relates to Dublin. It can be reviews of place/event, funny observations, things you hate about the city or just diary of Dublin life.
– You can write as often as you like but should be able to produce at least one post per week.
– You will need to have basic writing skills, such as spelling, grammar and a readable “voice”.

That’s it! This is a great way for people to make the first foray into blogging without the commitments of posting everyday or worrying about site design etc. If you’re interested or need more details, send the text of your first post to mytop5blog at

Trinity on iTunes U

A selection of audio and video lectures and talks from Trinity College Dublin (TCD) is now available on Apple’s educational podcast service, iTunes U, making it the first Irish university to join.

Trinity College Dublin is the first university in Ireland and one of the first in Europe to launch its own iTunes U site that features free access to audio and video files on course material, public lectures and presentations and highlights of College life.

Trinity Press Release, TCD iTunes Store, TCD Podcasts, iTunes U

Garda Announcement

This came through with our institution mailing list today, and I really don’t like it that such an announcement came about. But I guess with this coming from the Garda, it shouldn’t be taken lightly and be brushed off as the exception rather than the rule. I’m saddened by this but will get this announcement out nonetheless…

Gardai have asked that everyone be on the alert for a well organised large group of foreign national pick pockets operating in the general vicinity of College Street – College Green – Dame Street – Grafton Street – Nassau Street. The group are aged from mid-teens to mid-thirties and consist of males and females. They are well dressed and act as if they were tourists with some carrying the usual tourist paraphernalia such as back-packs, maps, cameras etc. Besides pick-pocketing they also use the method of hassling and confusing an individual whereby a group of 2 or 3 will approach and surround a person under the guise of seeking directions. While that person’s attention is distracted by one gang member asking questions and directions the others commence there pick pocketing and bag rifling activities using maps, newspapers and magazines to conceal what they are doing. This method is also used on persons using ATM’s where an attempt is made to grab the cash being dispensed.

Unless it is absolutely necessary you are advised not to be carrying large amounts of cash on your person. Ladies should ensure that after using their handbags, the handbag is fully zipped or fastened. The bag should be carried tucked between your arm and side with the flap, if that type of bag, nearest your side. Gents should carry wallets in their side trouser pockets never in the back pockets or jacket pockets. Never carry cash or valuable items in a back pack. When using bars or restaurants never leave bags, purses or wallets on the table top. Handbags, fully zipped/fastened, can be placed on the floor well in under your table secured by the front innermost leg of your chair through the bag straps/handles.

If you become aware or suspicious of activities related to the above you are asked to contact the Garda without delay – PEARSE STREET GARDA STATION TEL: 01 666 9000.

Lets do it – Metblogs Dublin

To give our readers better content and experience visiting MB Dublin, we have got some new stuff for our readers this week and also in doing this we want to make MB Dublin as happening as some of other big cities in MB network like LA, NY, London etc..

First of, we have a new author – Thomas Lau. Welcome to MB Dublin Tom.

Secondly, we have a new facebook group (LINK) [need to be a member on facebook]. Some people have complained about the signing-up for leaving comments but as that issue is not in my hands, we thought we might setup a fb group to start with and take it to next level from there :). Join us on facebook.

Thirdly, we also setup a “Restaurants in Dublin” Google Maps (LINK) for all the restaurants we blogged and reviewed. All in one place for our readers to easily find and read about it.

View Larger Map

Last but not least, we are brainstorming on various other topics to improve MB Dublin and the readership experience, and we would release them in coming weeks. If you wanna be a part of it, join the discussion on facebook.

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