Frivolous laws?

There have a lot of grumbles of late, of laws and regulations that many deem frivilous and a waste of resources, whereas there are other more important issues which should be tackled but seem to have been sidelined to goodness know when. (Since I haven’t personally look into the matters discussed, I won’t cast an opinion over them just yet.)

One of the latest introduction is that of speed limit of 30 kilometres per hour in city centre area. Really? The whole city is going to be crawling. Not to mention, there are already plenty of stretches where it’s unlikely for vehicles to be going over 30km/h, and in general, road safety in the city centre has been good. Road accidents are more likely at places where there are long stretches of empty road ahead, which tempt some drivers into speeding and being careless. But in city centre? Additionally, the Garda resources are already limited and now they have to be stretched further to monitor really small speed discrepancies? And the government in general will also have to spend more money to put up the speed limit signs everywhere? Many opined that this brings on board more cons than pro argument. For now, I’m inclined to agree.

Recently, a blasphemy law was also passed, and I’m afraid I still haven’t quite get the point as to why this is necessary despite the changes in the faces of the society. How much time was spent debating the points of this legislation which can be better used to sort out other problems, such as harmonising public transport ticketing system, or improving health care, or fight against anti-social behaviour? PZ Myers, on invitation by Atheist Ireland, will be speaking at Buswells Hotel tonight, at 7.30pm, on this issue. The public is welcome and the entry is free.

Do you think these laws are unnecessary and wasting tax payers’ money? What’s next that’s going to be on the list of more frivilous laws?

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  1. Mo. (unregistered) on February 2nd, 2010 @ 3:48 pm

    during a discussion (not sure whether its true or not) – regarding blasphemy law – some friends said that in the constitution there was no actual law about it (more of something along the lines that – … is wrong .. becoz of blasphemy law) .. so before removing that clause from constitution, they needed to have an actual law. Sounds far stretched but thats what i heard :)

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  3. Catherine (unregistered) on February 4th, 2010 @ 8:41 pm


    I recently returned to France, my native country, after a dozen years in Ireland. From Dublin, maybe that blasphemy law sounds outdated, and maybe it is. But frankly, looking at the nasty discussions France is having every single day,mostly because of Muslims trying to impose their ways throughout France, I wish we had a super conservative gouvernment 40 years ago, or that the separation between Church and State had not accured in 1905. I wish we had a constitution that states and carves in stone who we are and I don’t give a damn if that sounds narrow minded. It is quite awfull when the identity of your nation, the one your ancesters have been living for at least 5 centuries (that’s has far as I have been abale to go in my family history) , is being put in question , “renegociated” with recent economic migrants.
    Every human needs a strong base to build upon, and for most human it’s national identity is a large part of it.

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