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C: The Brian Cowen Story


Directed by Derek O’Connor and Ian Whelan for the Leviathan Political Cabaret.

Seen on

Playing for Change: Message of Peace n Love

Playing for Change is a multimedia movement created to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music.

Started by Mark Johnson, it covers 10 year journey of Mark and team around the world to bring people together through the power of music and creating a unique composition of songs like “Stand By Me”, “One Love” and their first original song “Don’t Worry”, which is another favorite of mine. Though I like them all, their composition, of even the classics, with musicians from around the world singing make them more interesting and that much more powerful in conveying the message of peace and love. Its an inspiring piece of work in the world we live in today.

To post it on Dublin Metblogs, it had to have some Dublin/Irish connection :), which was not over hard to find, today they released a new song “War/No More Trouble”, starting in Israel, going through Congo, South Africa and various other places around the world, ending with Bono (U2) singing in Dublin, Ireland; and some other Irish musicians part of it are:

Cathy Jordan

Liam O Maonlai

Omagh Community Youth Choir – their cover of “Love Rescue Me” is meant to be very good (not out yet)


The foundation provides supplies, resources, educational programs etc. to musicians and communities around the world. Check their youtube channel for more videos. Or have a look at their journey here.

Don’t Worry by Pierre Minetti, Barcelona.


The quest for employment

This is one of those scary real life videos, which is not even about reality tv show. Instead it highlights the real problem during times of economic downturn. Previously, practically most of the convenient shops in town would have signs at the window offering casual/full time employments. Now, a single sign at one shop window for just a few days could evoke a line of over 500 applicants!


In fairness, the ratio for this particular employment interview session is about 1:5, given there are about 100+ positions to be filled for 3 new Londis stores. Quite a normal rate. I guess the surprise factor is actually seeing queue of this magnitude instead of a more traditional discreet interview appointment system favoured in this city.

I fear we have not seen the last of such open call interviews (while the number of jobs offered keeps on dwindling over time). Hard times people. Hard times.

A great leap (or drive) forward


A new website has just gone online, offering a secure and sensible way to arrange car-pooling in Ireland. It’s well designed and well thought out, and aside from the obvious benefits of sharing expenses and reducing carbon footprints, any initiative that promotes community-minded solutions like this has to be a good thing.

So go- pool, share, and enjoy!

Zefrank n Jonah A’s n O’s


Zefrank (of the Zefrank Show) and Jonah Peretti (co-founder of  Huffington Post) are in Dublin giving talks as part of “GO VIRAL WORKSHOP” in Science Gallery (18/19 April), Trinity College about viral media and how they spread across the web. Tonight they organised, more or less, thru’ twitter and facebook a flash mob sorta event, where one needed to write an A or an O on their hand and meet up at Stag’s Head on dame street and follow more instructions from there on. Once people were there, they needed to write the first letter of their first name on a sheet of paper and then try to make up words or 2/3 words poems or if you being very v. creative, with more letters. Check out the video, it was short but great fun:

Will update when they post the official video.

BeThrifty dot IE

In many countries, charge/credit card providers face strong competitions that they often offer incentives such as redeemable points or cashback or special retailer discounts. Somehow, this idea never quite arrive in Ireland. Bar from American Express (which is not the most widely accepted payment card) I am not aware of any other banks/card providers in Ireland that give any sort of members awards.

There are a couple of non-bank based credit card providers that give some form of incentives to their users. Ryanair’s comes in the form of free flights but according to a friend, in order to redeem these free flights, the booking has to be done via the premium call centre number, so it really isn’t an incentive per se. Tesco credit card users earns Club Card points. Be aware though that the interest rates of these providers tend to be relatively high – which wouldn’t bother anyone who’s savvy with their finances and therefore paying off their bills immediately, but for those who use credit cards as cashflow solutions, this could wind them up deeper and deeper in debt.


Well, a new Irish online shopping aggregator site called BeThrifty has just been launched, promising cashback on purchases made through the site, linked to the different online sites that BeThrifty is affiliated with. Apple Store, Tesco Online, CD Wow, Pixmania, Miss Selfridge, Skype and eBookers are among those affiliated. Not Amazon though, bummer.

The amount of cashback varied from site to site. And you need to be signed up with BeThrifty in order to use this service. According to the FAQ, you will be paid either directly to your bank account or via PayPal. If you’re worried about database security that we’ve heard so much of nowadays, it’ll be prudent to use PayPal instead of providing your bank account details in order to get your cashback.

Ps: since this site is very new, it would appear it is not very stable as yet…

Gourmet burger offer

Burgers are becoming all the rage lately, with numerous new gourmet burger eateries opening up in and around the city. Roll on the carpets for Gourmet Burger Co. in Ranelagh and Gourmet Burger Kitchen aka GBK (although this homepage still hasn’t update their information on their locations in Dublin – currently in Temple Bar, South Anne St, Liffey Valley and Swords Pavillion).

Of course, the concept of gourmet burger isn’t exactly new in Dublin. Bobo’s in Wexford St and Real Gourmet Burger in Dun Laoghaire have been the places to go for burger lovers who didn’t fancy chomping in the creations of McDonalds, Burger King or Eddie Rockets. So what ushers in this new age of burger admiration?


Maybe it is seen as a hallmark of returning to simpler times, now that we’re not flocking to the fancy restaurants that serve creative dish using truffles foam and the likes. Yet, at the same time, after years of adventurous eats, to just abandon all things creative with food seems to be counter-intuitive, so why not inject some new life into good old comfort food that are the burgers?

Thus, I just gave myself a treat yesterday to one very delicious GBK’s Kiwiburger – an assembly of burger buns, beef patty, beetroot slices, pineapple rings, fried egg, lettuce and tomato slices (as per picture above by Graeme Robertson for The Guardian). Stacked sky-high, it came with a pricetag of nearly €12 but the satisfaction factor was also high. For me personally anyway ;-)

Now, the Gourmet Burger Co. in Ranelagh is running a promotional offer. Buy one and get another gourmet burger absolutely free. Just print out this PDF voucher which is valid until the end of April, and do take note of when you can and cannot use the voucher. I’ll be heading there with my friends early next week and already I am wondering how much will it cost me if I order a Kobe beef burger… Probably an arm and a leg. Will it be worth it? I’ll decide when I sit down in the restaurant and I’ll report back in due course.

Bollywood comes to Dublin

I never imagined I would be posting about Bollywood dancing on Metblogs Dublin :) but here I am, get your dancing shoes on Dubliners for some Bollywood style dancing.

If you read The Sunday Times today, you would already know what I am talking about, on third page, there is a call for people to star in a small budget bollywood style movie to be shot by David O’Sullivan (of Nun More Deadly) and for the final (or not) scene (remember like in Slumdog Millionaire), Dubliner’s have been invited to star in the dance scene.

Bollywood (producing more than 1000 movies per year) shoots most (or many) of their dance numbers in foreign locations like London, Switzerland, Paris, NY etc etc. And Ireland is hoping to get a share of the pie (in 2006, the Taoiseach sent a high profile delegation to get some of that business but not very successful in attracting yet). And now, David has taken the task and to show that Ireland IS suited for Bollywood (with beautiful locations on west, wicklow, etc..), by shooting a short movie with singing n dancing and final dance scene number, written by Deco and Brez from Republic of Loose band.

If you want to be part of it, have a look at this video and rehearse the dance routine and send your details (name, phone no., playing age, dance ability) to Sounds lotsa fun and the dance routine seems quite interesting and not that tough. Get your bollywood shows on :) and see you there.


Rough Song translation: “Look by Look, I gave you my heart, Dhak Dhak ‘heart beats’, and I am in love now, ..” repeats n repeats.

And finally I just wanted to share the video of the dance routine of the picture above from the movie Devdas (first bollywood movie to premiered at Festival de Cannes) (the photo on Sunday Times is from same movie).


Dance Dublin Dance

Photo Courtesy: DDF

Dublin Dance Festival is back and is bringing some very cool shows to the town in contemporary dances. This year theme is investigation of cultural and spiritual identity. It runs from May 8-23, 2009. One Shot, pictured above, blends African, modern, ballet and social dance styles to tell the stories of the African diaspora. Among many other world class performers, you can download the full programme here. Get Dancing.

Red Spandex Mob Running On Streets of Dublin

Around 1 PM today, the shoppers on grafton street were greeted by a mob of men and women wearing red spandex head to toe and face painted in red, having a run from Trinity College to St. Stepehen’s Green.


It was part of an advertising campaign organized by KICK Communications for Samsung, for a new mobile phone release. Also Tommy Bowe was there as special guest to launch the phone.


20090402-dsc_0059Thanks to Dena for giving access to get some great shots. More here.

Here’s a video from few weeks ago (not of today’s run)


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