Are you at The Hub?

A few days ago, the Metblogs HQ introduced The Hub to all readers. It is essentially a social networking site, just rather specific to Metblogs community. A lot of Metbloggers worldwide are now on board, and since HQ made the announcement, the number of members have also increased significantly in this little playground, which is great. Afterall, one of the main purposes of The Hub is to foster the links and interactions among and/or between authors and readers.

The Hub

Sean has also came up with some fun stuff for the Hubbers – in the form of Scavenger Hunt! Today marked the first round of this photo hunting competition, which challenged the participants to find and photograph 5 items per a list provided. The number of items may also change from one challenge to another. The other prerequisite is photos must be shot for the purpose of this hunt only, so a proof (i.e. logo/sign indicating Metblogs) must be present in each of the photos. Gregg won the first round in just less than 3 hours, so well done!!!

I tried hunting for the photos after work, but barely got hold of two images before it started pouring. So much for thinking I could continue tomorrow… :p

In any case, if you’re not yet a Hubber, why not sign up to be one now? Chat to the authors – there is a group specific for Dublin Metblogs – and get to know other people on the network a bit more too. Your profile is customable with different backgrounds and colour schemes, and addition of photos and music will cheer the page up quite a bit too. Give it a try.

Have a good weekend everyone, and see you around.

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