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Una If you live in Dublin you’ve probably bumped into Una without realising it. The woman is EVERYWHERE. Whether it’s writing articles for the Tribune, blogging at the famous Unarocks, rocking out with MeNoFemBo, talking on Phantom or RTE or just partying it up in town. We cornered Una and asked her a few questions about our favourite city.

What is your favourite thing about living in Dublin?

At the moment, the live music scene. Apart from the thriving underbelly of hard working local bands, a rising disposable income of the population, a couple of incredibly competitive promoters, and the proliferation of independent promoters has seen a dramatic increase in gigs – both big and small – venues, festivals and events. Sometimes you look at the weekend club and gig listings and realise that they rival New York and London for content and diversity. It’s pretty awesome.

What is the strangiest/weirdest/funniest thing that has happened to you in the city?

All of the above always comes back to the smallness and largeness of the post-night out activities. At random parties, generally. You can go back to anywhere and become a part of a different group. You meet people you don’t know who know you, or know your friends, or know no ones anyone and just become known at that moment. The last random party I was at was in the Liberties with a bunch of Spanish and Irish people, Ricardo Villalobos was holding forth, Sven Vath was threatening to jump out of a window and a family of pigeons was nesting in the corner of the balcony. Trippy.

If you were Mayor of Dublin what would you change?

The licensing laws. They are ridiculous. Different kinds of venues should be allowed different opening times to allow clubs to stay open later and prevent everyone spilling out on to the streets at the same time. There is no point complaining about drunken violence when you’re allowing drunk people to all congregate at the same time. I get seriously jealous when I go out in Barcelona or London and you have an option of staying out until 6am. Also, the fact that you have to take up an existing license from a premises and can’t just turn a shop or something into a club or a bar is just silly.

What are your favourite party spots?

I love South William for cocktails, Spy for Friday nights, Crawdaddy for gigs and the Tivoli for big club nights (the Tivoli probably has the best smoking area in town, Dicey Riley’s aside). ALT is a pretty cool new venue too. I tend to go to the same places over and over again until I’m sick of them, and then move on! One of my consistently favourite bars for lounging about and having some drinks with friends is the Front Lounge. I never miss a Remedy or kaboogie night either wherever they are, because you’re just guaranteed a good time.

Do you have any “hidden gems” when it comes to places to eat or drink?

L’Gueuleton off George’s Street is my favourite restaurant. I like Pinxtos on Eustace Street for tapas as well. For a pint, the best and most random place is the Welcome Inn on Parnell Street. Also, you can’t beat the plum sake in Yamamouri. Capel Street is becoming my favourite place to eat and have a couple of drinks; the Korean buffet at Bonga is great and Panti bar is another favourite.

What’s your favourite “local band”

Fight Like Apes. I have a few other favourites too – Delorentos, Ham Sandwich, Super Extra Bonus Party and the Vinny Club, but Fight Like Apes are the most exciting band around for me at the moment.

Do you think the Northside Southside divide is real or just a bit of fun?

I’m from the southside, but I live on the northside. I do think there are less cool places to go on the Northside of town, but the Italian quarter, Capel Street, Parnell Street and the Academy (for gigs) is changing that. Regarding people’s attitudes towards their own territory – I don’t think anyone takes it too seriously. Every city needs some internal rivalry!

And finally, if Dublin were an animal what would it be?

Maybe a monkey; mischievous, cute, smart, a bit of a messer, and not afraid to get into a bit of trouble now and then.

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