Garda Announcement

This came through with our institution mailing list today, and I really don’t like it that such an announcement came about. But I guess with this coming from the Garda, it shouldn’t be taken lightly and be brushed off as the exception rather than the rule. I’m saddened by this but will get this announcement out nonetheless…

Gardai have asked that everyone be on the alert for a well organised large group of foreign national pick pockets operating in the general vicinity of College Street – College Green – Dame Street – Grafton Street – Nassau Street. The group are aged from mid-teens to mid-thirties and consist of males and females. They are well dressed and act as if they were tourists with some carrying the usual tourist paraphernalia such as back-packs, maps, cameras etc. Besides pick-pocketing they also use the method of hassling and confusing an individual whereby a group of 2 or 3 will approach and surround a person under the guise of seeking directions. While that person’s attention is distracted by one gang member asking questions and directions the others commence there pick pocketing and bag rifling activities using maps, newspapers and magazines to conceal what they are doing. This method is also used on persons using ATM’s where an attempt is made to grab the cash being dispensed.

Unless it is absolutely necessary you are advised not to be carrying large amounts of cash on your person. Ladies should ensure that after using their handbags, the handbag is fully zipped or fastened. The bag should be carried tucked between your arm and side with the flap, if that type of bag, nearest your side. Gents should carry wallets in their side trouser pockets never in the back pockets or jacket pockets. Never carry cash or valuable items in a back pack. When using bars or restaurants never leave bags, purses or wallets on the table top. Handbags, fully zipped/fastened, can be placed on the floor well in under your table secured by the front innermost leg of your chair through the bag straps/handles.

If you become aware or suspicious of activities related to the above you are asked to contact the Garda without delay – PEARSE STREET GARDA STATION TEL: 01 666 9000.

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