64 Things I Hate About You (Dublin)

I don’t want Dublin Metblog to be my personal ranting, traveling, dining information center :D.. So lets do something different this time around as a test and if successful I’ll think of some more interesting ones to follow, but to start off I’m totally copying idea from Metblog network :), last week LA Metblogs posted about finding 64 things to hate about LA (started by LA Magazine to find 64 Greatest Things in LA), followed by Philadelphia n other cities. Its def. worth trying out and also a good starting point to get our readers involved.

How to proceed, its going to be a tournament style competition, we’ll start off with 64 things and narrow it down to until we have the winner. We’ll reveal the list thru’ a series of polls (using our new feature) until we the one n only one “Worst Thing About Dublin”.

So, let us know what YOU think is the worst thing about Dublin by leaving a comment on this post, it can be anything – worst resturant, worst street, celebrity, M50, etc. etc.

Lets get going.

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  1. Mo (dub_mohan) on March 8th, 2008 @ 8:39 pm

    ok, I’ll start off with some common ones:

    * Dublin bus not giving change back
    * to rent an apartment esp. if you are a foreigner
    * overly expensive

  2. isadub on March 9th, 2008 @ 9:07 pm

    The M50 is an obvious one but it’s so bad, it’s now in the realms of parody/farce. It’s like one of those psychology experiments where they see how much pain/inconvenience you can take before you lose it.

    My nomination is Dublin/Irish shop staff. They’re so rude/ignorant, it’s almost funny. They could learn a lot from our new immigrants who actually look at you, smile, and say ‘thank you’ etc.

    P.S. it’s a bit of a hassle registering here just to make a comment :-(


  3. Mo (dub_mohan) on March 9th, 2008 @ 9:57 pm

    thanks isadub

    ah i didn’t realize the logging-in part for commenting in the new system.. i personally don’t like it either.. i would let the admins know abt it and hopefully we get rid of it :D

    thanks again

  4. Ragnarök (dub_hameed) on March 20th, 2008 @ 10:56 am

    yep, the registration process sucks!

    In those 64 things, you can add…

    1. Public Transport system (Bus,Rail)
    2. Old School Communications (cable,internet,mobile,etc)
    3. Driving Test Hell
    4. Apartment prices
    5. Alcohol Control
    6. ASBO
    7. Skangers
    8. Racism
    9. Slow Processes (public/private)
    10. Virtually no competition in market
    11. Dead on Xmas/Easter
    12. Airport
    13. Garda (or lack of their role)
    14. Homeless/Beggers/Hobos (or lack of their integration in society)
    15. Free Newspapers Junk (or lack of recycling and control)

    i could complete the list but then again it would just be me ranting and moaning (and people thinking that why i don’t do anything, well may be i could build a new rail line myself. end sarcasm).


  5. Lil (lilianl) on March 24th, 2008 @ 11:17 am

    i like dublin more than i hate it, and to try to compile 64 things is not easy… this is my list of 10 things from 2 years ago and unfortunately it still applies… :(

    1. public transport : unrealiable regularity
    2. rip off ireland : does everything has to be so pricey?
    3. litter bugs : can the council not empty public bins more than once a day?
    4. drinking to be drunk : what happen to drinking to be social?
    5. overpriced food : goes hand in hand with rip-off ireland
    6. rainy day problems : bad drainage system, big puddles, car swoshing by – ’nuff said.
    7. pedestrian unfriendly lights : not cool to have 50 people on a small island at a major junction!
    8. government spending : what’s with all the ever overspent and delayed projects?
    9. government folly : cut backs on healthcare etc, seriously?
    10. lack of recycling facilities : we’re supposed to recycle but the facilities are nowhere near convenient… :$

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