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Ancient “Royal Temple” Discovered

The discovery of a major prehistoric site where experts believe an open-air royal temple once stood has stalled construction of a controversial four-lane highway in Ireland.

via National Geographic

Voting Day

Its election day in Ireland today.

**Cast Your Right and Vote**

Dynamic Wind

It was a rather windy day in Dublin today, with speeds upto 48 km/h (30 m/h), its my first summer in Dublin but probably thats how the dublin summer is :). So here are some ideas (not mine) which can utilize its abundance of wind energy.

All of us are aware of architectural wonders coming up in Dubai every year. The other day, I came across this article on “New Tower Creates All Its Own Energy“, its a revolutionary design. Don’t Miss the pictures in the article.

If that was not enough, just came across another revolutionary architectural design. This one is by David Fischer, and its called the Twirling Tower. This one’s probably for the windy city of Chicago. Check out the video, pretty cool.

I think, Dublin has lot of potential for utilizing its wind energy in various areas if not the solar energy.

Election Promises

Irish Time Report: Fianna Fáil is vowing to make Dublin one of the best places to live. Excerpts:

Taoiseach Bertie Ahern announced a range of proposals including the development of Dublin Bay as a public amenity; better public transport and improved community facilities.
invest in playgrounds, youth cafés, skateboard parks. leisure centres, public swimming pools and all-weather pitches. .. community centres would be built and public parks and recreational areas would be protected and augmented by “a network of peoples parks and urban woods”.
The plan for Dublin Bay included constructing a 22km walking and cycling route from Sandycove in south Dublin to Sutton on the northside.

Read full article here. The proposals by FF are interesting but I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be one of those election promises which never see the day of the light.

100 Guitars Dublin

Analog is a weekend of free live performances celebrating creativity in contemporary music. From congotronics to no-wave guitar noise this series offers a journey through live music and sound.

Here’s the info for the upcoming performances this summer of “Symphony No.13 (Hallucination City)” for 80 guitars, 20 basses and drums. The performance will be on July 15 at Grand Canal Square. For more info check: 100Guitars

The original version of Symphony No. 13 was premiered at the former WTC on June 13, 2001. The revised version, in four movements, premiered at the Kasser Theater at Montclair St. University on Feb. 4, 2006. Since then the piece has been performed at Disney Concert Hall in LA as part of Minimalist Jukebox sponsored by the LA Philharmonic and in Belgium sponsored by Champ d’Action.

The team is still looking for some players for the gig, so if you want more information for playing, leave a comment with your email ID and we will forward you the email for the person to contact. (Be Quick :))

Country Pubs Falling

In a BBC article today, read here, the number of pubs in the Irish countryside are falling in numbers and along with that, the world famous Irish pub culture is fading.

trademark Irish venue, the country pub – renowned as a place to chat, have a pint, hear some music and soak up the atmosphere – is facing challenging times
the new rule (smoking ban, drink-driving bans, no public transport), they say, has meant fewer people going to the pub in remote areas, especially during the week.

Last week, the govt. suggested on starting a new bus service “boozer bus” to carry people from countryside to city, bringing people to city for drinking.

I am not sure about this one, but a friend of mine last week told me that, to open a pub/bar in Dublin, they need to close one somewhere else, which means countryside. So they close a bar/pub in countryside and open a new one in Dublin. May be someone else can throw more light on this.

Poster War

Sky News reported about the main issue for the upcoming elections – Posters :). Some excerpts:

Forget the health service, crime, immigration, the economy and even the lingering question of Bertie Ahern’s tangled finances. No, the big issue so far has been election posters.
The power-walkers are in no particular hurry to get anywhere, they are just afraid that if they do not move fast enough somebody will attach an election poster to them!
Mr Ahern’s ruling Fianna Fail party even managed to gain some political mileage out of the posters, pointing out that their traditional rivals, Fine Gael, has “snubbed Irish workers and turned its back on the Irish printing industry by contracting a German company to print its party’s posters.”
If the Greens become part of the next Irish Government, they will demand a limit of 150 posters per candidate in future elections, plus tighter controls on election spending.

Read full article.

pace of the city

Dubliners are the 5th fastest walkers, according to a recent research.

Comparing the results with those compiled by US psychologist Professor Robert Levine in the 1990s, the study showed that people were, on average, now walking 10 per cent faster. Men are generally 25 per cent quicker on their feet than women.

People were in the greatest hurry in Singapore. Following in their footsteps were the residents of Copenhagen and Madrid, the two fastest-paced European cities.

The findings also explode the myth of the laid back Irish. Dublin topped Prof Levine’s table in 1997 and takes fifth place on the new list.

via boingboing link

Dublin Transport

By now, people living in Dublin must have seen the cool appearance of election posters everywhere, esp. on the electric poles :) ; the elections being scheduled for May 24, 2007, the announcement came last weekend and in one night, there were posters all around. Anyhoo the post is about transportation, Irish Times is reporting that SF (Sinn Féin) has unveiled a new Transport Policy for Dublin. Read Here. Hihglights are: 500 new Dublin buses, new rail networks, abolish motorway and toll roads & more investment on M50, among others.

One thing, which I consider very important for an efficient public transportation is the connectivity between different mediums of transportation, which is probably missing in here.

What do think you about it? Is it good enough?

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