Just some drinks to get the party started…

Partying in Dublin?! Yes please (^_^). My first two years in Dublin (I hope my parents dont flip out when they read this), I can HONESTLY say, me and my friends from my class hit up 80% of the clubs in the Dublin City Centre.

Sometimes we found the crowd to be quite old; but we found a few great college student hang out spots

“Student Friendly” clubs!! playing good R&B music to dance to and rock ya body to!

21 – College hang out, Kids from UCD, Trinity, RCSI, Everyone is there. their lounge area is quite funky, looks like a dug-out cave in the wall. The crowd is young. Think 19-24.

Club M- Although it may be in Temple bar, the music is great-added points for having a high ceiling, therefore the dancefloor isnt HOT AND HUMID like most clubs. Music is GREAT and it closes at 3am, an hour later than other clubs! YEY! The only problem is that the cover is 20 E, a little pricey for students.

Lillies Bordello– Most people dont like this place for its “pretentious” lawyer-esque, business-men clientele, but RCSI students hit this place up like none other. maybe it is the idea that they will be future-doctors (and have too much money to spend for the own good), that makes the bouncers lets these under-25 year olds in. Gotta admit though, the inside is nice, the 20 E cover comes with a free-pass for the next week, and the decor is VERY nice. Moulin-Rouge-esque.

D|2- Great music, their downstairs dance floor is kinda small but the music is quite good and it’s nice to have two floors-one for the bar/hang out, and another for the dance floor!! Nice that the separation is there. My fav is the smoking area; Im not a smoker but the decor of the smoking area is great! There is a Jungle-esque theme, with a fake (but very NICE) waterfall, benches and tables for people to sit, hang out, drink, and still smoke. The heated area of the smoking area is great too! You dont freeze your ass out in the area while you’re trying to have your convo/drink/accompany your buddy who is enjoying the puff.

Down Under -the TRASHIEST frigging club/pub/bar EVER. It feels like the basement of a an american college’s fraternity house. Smells of beer, YUCK YUCK. but for some reason the RCSI students always go there after exams, and party it up. As they say “Its a shithole, but its OUR shit hole…” and you know, its not the place that makes the party, its the crowd….and it makes for a good time if you wanna meet the diverse RCSI students really getting hammered.

Dandelion- THIS PLACE IS GREAT! Not only is there food great, but THERE IS NO COVER AND IT IS FREE OF CHARGE! The out-of-school people are great, diverse crowd with lots of young people, students, and a good bunch of partiers! The dance floor is great, its not hot and humid, and the tiered bar area is great as well!

There…any additions? Iblees, good call on the appeal for input!!

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