Overcrowded Hospitals…There’s a long road ahead….


I am a firm believer in effective healthcare. Everyone is! It’s our lives at stake here! I recently read an article on the current A&E status in Dublin and was appalled at the amount of people who wait MORE THAN 12 HOURS in A&E for treatment…The figure is a whopping 27%. The statistic may not seem huge, but 50.5% of the people admitted to A&E also wait UP TO 6 HOURS.

In the beginning of my school term I accompanied one of my best friends to the hospital so she could get an X-Ray done on her foot-she wasnt walking properly on it and was in huge pain (She ended up having a stress fracture in her foot)…

Going to the hospital wasn’t a problem. The most

aggravating part about receiving proper treatment was what happened AFTER the X-ray. We were REFERRED TO A&E AFTER being in orthopaedics. What? Some doctor (or some intern? or some NURSE for that matter) couldnt take 15 minutes out of Her/His time to cast the girl up and let us go on our way?

Why would you admit someone into the ward (a patient who HAD a letter of reference, and didnt rush into the hospital in an ambulance, AND had called ahead for an appointment) , and then REFER them to A&E? Does that make ANY sense?

Aren’t you supposed to go from the A&E, TO the ward? Why the back-ward path?!

I know people are working their best to make things run smoothly in hospitals, but this seems like a bizzarre method. Of course that will create an EVEN LONGER backlog in patients in A&E. Of course people will end up waiting.

We ended up waiting for about 8 hours in A&E, for a 20 minute consultation and a cast. Needless to say, my poor friend was distraught, tired and hungry (no one even told us where to go for food,…and what if her name was called when we left to get food?), and upset at the whole system.

If more clinicians just dont find it “priority” and bounce patients down to A&E, and A&E doesnt find a fracture “a priority” and make people wait for 8 hours, it just doesnt seem to be effective.

Healthcare is not just about fixing a body, and fixing what is wrong physically. In college we take psychology classes, and classes SPECIFICALLY about patient care-talking to them, trying to be efficient, trying to “put yourself in the patient’s perspective”…

A distraught patient needs DOUBLE the care and attention of a patient who is NOT distraught, and has the same problem.

I’m sure it’s just a glitch on the administrative side of hospitals, but this needs to stop. I am concerned for the people who sit in A&E all night (I’ve done it before..on my second occasion of going to another A&E in Dublin…), imagine their loneliness, distress, anxiousness about when they are going to get treatment?

The only thing I can say now, is that I hope in a few years time, this changes. Because this is NOT high quality healthcare, this is NOT effective, and this is NOT right.

Healthcare is not just about prescribing drugs and giving diagnosises. Care begins the MINUTE a patients walks in through the hospital doors. And making them wait any longer than 2 hours is POOR healthcare. If anything, making them wait all that time is going to make them feel worse, and make them need MORE attention of doctors once they are seen.

Come on, let’s get with the program!!

http://www.irishhealth.com/?level=4&id=10852 Click here for the article on A&E statistics.

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