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Guinness Red

Guinness is introducing its new flavor/color… Red.

Don’t know if or when its coming to home town (apparently only for the uk market)

If you have tried it, share your experience here. :-)

via guinness blog.
GuinnessBlog : GUINNESS� Red – it’s finally arrived!

Dublin’s Gift #4: Temple Bar Market

Temple bar may be the home of pubs, italian restaurants, and many tourist traps, but here is a “tourist trap” that is totally WORTH the money spent.

Every Saturday, Meeting House Square in Temple Bar is transformed into a bustling square filled with enticing smells and vibrant colors.

The variety of foods/produce on sale at the the Temple Bar market is outstanding!

Smack dab in the middle there is a organic vegetable/fruit/produce stand which is quite moderately priced, (delicious!), where people can carefully pick out great vegetables for their meals for the week-your food is only as good as the fresh ingredients you use ;)

Crepes, fresh olives, delectable pastries & cheeses, the list goes on and on…

Succulent Beef Burgers? The Burger Stand is rated “best burger in town” by gourmet magazines.

Hot Dogs? The local butcher has a stand making GREAT hot dogs

Vegetarian?-There’s a vegetarian food stall that sells the BEST Panzarotti ever!

Raw Oysters with white wine and brown bed? Knock em back in!!!

My personal fav is the stand from the food store “gallic Kitchen” where the slabs of quiches are such a good buy for 6.50. the lady who sells the quiches is SO friendly-for the past two years she was almost my aunt, feeding me every Saturday with her melt-in-her-mouth quiche. (try the SALMON quiche, it’s PERFECT.)

There is a perfect little dessert stand owned by a cute Spanish lady…banana bread, toblerone cake, nicaraguan three milk cake….(OMG if you will ever try ANYTHING from her, the three milk cake is to DIE FOR)
My friend Dan with the dessert-lady!!

Temple Bar Market is open every Saturday, from morning till about 5pm. It is HONESTLY not just for tourists; but for everyone who enjoys good food.



Just some drinks to get the party started…

Partying in Dublin?! Yes please (^_^). My first two years in Dublin (I hope my parents dont flip out when they read this), I can HONESTLY say, me and my friends from my class hit up 80% of the clubs in the Dublin City Centre.

Sometimes we found the crowd to be quite old; but we found a few great college student hang out spots

“Student Friendly” clubs!! playing good R&B music to dance to and rock ya body to!

21 – College hang out, Kids from UCD, Trinity, RCSI, Everyone is there. their lounge area is quite funky, looks like a dug-out cave in the wall. The crowd is young. Think 19-24.

Club M- Although it may be in Temple bar, the music is great-added points for having a high ceiling, therefore the dancefloor isnt HOT AND HUMID like most clubs. Music is GREAT and it closes at 3am, an hour later than other clubs! YEY! The only problem is that the cover is 20 E, a little pricey for students.

Lillies Bordello– Most people dont like this place for its “pretentious” lawyer-esque, business-men clientele, but RCSI students hit this place up like none other. maybe it is the idea that they will be future-doctors (and have too much money to spend for the own good), that makes the bouncers lets these under-25 year olds in. Gotta admit though, the inside is nice, the 20 E cover comes with a free-pass for the next week, and the decor is VERY nice. Moulin-Rouge-esque.

D|2- Great music, their downstairs dance floor is kinda small but the music is quite good and it’s nice to have two floors-one for the bar/hang out, and another for the dance floor!! Nice that the separation is there. My fav is the smoking area; Im not a smoker but the decor of the smoking area is great! There is a Jungle-esque theme, with a fake (but very NICE) waterfall, benches and tables for people to sit, hang out, drink, and still smoke. The heated area of the smoking area is great too! You dont freeze your ass out in the area while you’re trying to have your convo/drink/accompany your buddy who is enjoying the puff.

Down Under -the TRASHIEST frigging club/pub/bar EVER. It feels like the basement of a an american college’s fraternity house. Smells of beer, YUCK YUCK. but for some reason the RCSI students always go there after exams, and party it up. As they say “Its a shithole, but its OUR shit hole…” and you know, its not the place that makes the party, its the crowd….and it makes for a good time if you wanna meet the diverse RCSI students really getting hammered.

Dandelion- THIS PLACE IS GREAT! Not only is there food great, but THERE IS NO COVER AND IT IS FREE OF CHARGE! The out-of-school people are great, diverse crowd with lots of young people, students, and a good bunch of partiers! The dance floor is great, its not hot and humid, and the tiered bar area is great as well!

There…any additions? Iblees, good call on the appeal for input!!


A bit more on the topic of going out, especially the night life; weekend is here, and some (most) of us will be heading to their favourite hang outs on Friday/Saturday nights.

How about recommending few nice spots for the weekend? Clubs, Bars, Music Venues, anything goes.

IMHO, avoid temple bar at all costs on weekend nights, the place attracts tourists who just want to be there ’cause they want to be there. Crowd basically sucks there. There are few good places there like Porterhouse for exotic beers, but not for the weekend, I guess.

(following are my opinion only and don’t promise anything) :-)

No special plans:? Start with Capitol bar on George street, and then Village on Wexford street.
Chilled: Ron Blacks on Dawson street.
Jazz/Blues: Blue Note on Capel street.
Fast night: Traffic bar on Abbey Street, the place specializes in House music. Crowd usually move on to Spirit later. (too expensive though!!)

Any more ideas?


One of the most famous thing about Dublin is its pub culture, and yet this topic, somehow, never got any (well, much!) attention on this blog.

How about sharing your favorite watering hole, and why you like it?

My personal favorite could be O’Donoghues on Merrion Row. I like it for two simple reasons, fist its history, second, as soon as you enter the place you feel like “hey, i’m in a pub.” :-)


An year old news, probably you all have heard it (or already know it), according to a recent (now an year old) research, 167+ languages are currently spoken in Ireland. As most of the foreign nationals are in/around Dublin area, this makes Dublin extremely versatile (well, its very much visible as well. :-) ).

A place where 167 cultures are meshing up, talking about the divide of north/south, is far beyond my comprehension as its something too small to worry about. IMHO.

via, From Acholi to Zulu, Ireland a land of over 167 languages


In response to Flotsam’s insightful and very well thought out bit on the difference between the North side and the South side, I would like to say…

Well done. Flotsam, you have captured it quite eloquently.

But I will also like to say, even after all that has been said and done, wouldn’t you feel that the divide is closing up?! It might be hard to see it (if for example, you leave in D4 and D9)…but D2 and D1, D8 and D1? It’s looking more and more integrated, I shall say….

Just a thought. Anyone out there with their thoughts?

(p.s. Flotsam, ever thought of writing FOR metroblogs?)

All in all, at the end of the day, I will like to see a more “cohesive” city…but then again, maybe that’s all part of fun and thrill of living in Dublin City. Gotta love the diversity!! :)

River Crossing Rocks!!

I know the “North Side” has some bad connotation to it, but really, I think river-crossing is great. Ever been to “Little Italy” just off of the Millenium Bridge? The wine bars ROCK!

Cheap clothing at Penney’s? Hell yes!

Cineworld Dublin? Yes please!

Moore Street Chinese food?! Fill me up!!

“Chocolate Soup” at Roche Stores? Count me In!

One of my best friends with Chocolate Soup in Roche Stores…

The outside markets with the ladies selling fresh fruit, fish and stuff like that?
Heeeells yes!!

There are so many things…I just wish I could keep on going about it…but I really think you guys get the point…

By the way, let me try to clarify my previous post about Dublin being “friendly” I think people thought I said Dublin wasn’t “friendly”….I think Dublin is friendly, what I meant was that Dublin wasn’t “student-friendly” (ie, cheap eats nearby college for in between classes, expensive coffees, etc…)

ANYWAY, moving swiftly along. The Point theatre is on the “north side” as well.

What I’m trying to say, is that it’s great. Where are your fav spots?!

Really though, the North Side has so many things. I honestly think, more than the “other side.” It’s fun to walk around, see the sights…

Don’t Cross the River

I, and am sure you as well, have heard this phrase a thousand times, “wrong side of the river”, in dublin.

I wonder what exactly it means? And which one is the wrong side? No, seriously, I really want to know.

Am I suppose to, and others to force to, believe that one part is better?

Dublin Bus

Dubliners and tourists use the bus service heavily everyday and spend a lot of money, as a result one wonder that quality of bus service should increase; but instead the standard of both bus and bus drivers (keep reading!) seems to go lower and lower.

Every now and then, either I come across bizarre scenes or I hear from people around, about their weird experiences in the bus. Allow me to share few of those moments:
– I was on the bus around the quays, I pushed the button for the bus to stop (obviously the next stop!), the bus driver immediately hit the breaks in the middle of the road, without realizing who’s he shouting at, “there’s no stop here, why you pushed the button, now get off the bus”; and I thought to myself, is this guy insane or what?
– A friend of mine was waiting for the bus (as well as other dozen folks), the bus came but ignored everybody on the bus stop, few waved and ran toward the bus as luckily their was red signal; the bus driver opened the door and said, “what?”.
– Another one, I was on the bus I pushed the button to stop but realized it was not the stop I wanted to get off, I quickly apologized to the driver that I didn’t want to get off, and it’s the next stop. The bus driver was like in his own world, seems like he didn’t even notice, then he stopped the bus and gave me a deep stare! I repeated, “sorry, it’s the next stop”. What he replied, “then why the fuck you pushed the button?”
– This one is just unbelievable, I took the nite-link (26/11/2006 at 03:30am) (00-D-40097), this was the conversation I had with the lady driver:

Me: Hi
Driver: Just put the card in the fucking machine, asshole.
Me: Excuse me?
Driver: You heard me!?
Me: What did you just say?
Driver. (talking to herself) Fucking Assholes!

Now, about the last incident, I even tried contacting dublin bus… but as expected, their no complaint department and even if it was there, there’s no point complaining to the source of the problem.

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