One of the things that i’m currently looking at, is Broadband options in Dublin. First thing, (apparently) there’s only one telephone line provider i.e., EirCom, so if you dont have a telephone line then you’re fecked. All the (so-called) high speed broadbands are via telephone lines. I’ve seen some cable net options but its total mess, first the cable wireless routers are not that easy to find, then its only for cable internet which is not very fast anyway.

Secondly, the pure wireless solutions require a dish/antenna to be installed for the LOS (Line of Sight); Anyone using Clearwire, Irish Broadband, etc. Any thoughts? I heard the reception is not that good and the speed is so so.

The last thing, is the bandwidth and usage quota, most providers applies the cap on the service, which sucks. I, in the past, had cap-less provider, though i got a few very kind notices asking me if i want to switch to another package. (but why??)

Any thoughts on broadband providers? The best, the worst?

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