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One of the weirdest ideas for business, two guys are gonna sell the Irish dirt to Irish Americans. WTF? Link.

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weekend event roundup

Hello and welcome to BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND. That’s right, Monday isn’t going to be the day of work-laden drudgery and coffee intravenously taken. Instead, you will get to sleep! Or go out to places that are not work! Or, you know, sleep!

But until that glorious Monday arriveth, here’s some things you can do in the meantime.

Friday: Rock It at the Ambassador Theatre with Ham Sandwich, Black Daisy and Hipple Street; Baroness with Torche and Rest at Crawdaddy; Late Night Theatre at the Gaiety, featuring DJ Satellite, the North Strand Klezmer Band, Roadhouse, Cheeze It, and 2 movies on the big screen–odd selection, but go with it; the Dublin Guitar Quartet at the National Concert Hall; Halloween Ball Fundraiser for Anti-Racism Project at Tailors Hall; The Things with Straglers, Sons of Now, and The Heathens at The Hub; and Jack L at Vicar St (through Sunday).

Saturday: Margaret Stewart and The Bobby Schiff Trio at Bewley’s Cafe Theatre; Doctor Blue and The Prescription at JJ Smyth’s; James Yorkston and The Athletes at The Sugar Club; Milburn at the Temple Bar Music Center; Garageland Gigs at The Village.

Sunday: Annapolis Bluegrass Coalition at Airfield Arts Centre; James Brown at the Olympia; the Harlem Gospel Choir at the Pavilion; Boxcutter with Ambulance, Star Little Thing, Decal, Fir Bolg + Pixelcorp, Dry County, Chequerboard at The Sugarclub; and DEAF at Uki Yo Bar.

Bonus, Monday: We Are Scientists with The Blood Arm and Au Revoir Simone at the Ambassador Theatre; The Gipsy Kings at the National Stadium; and Jim Lauderdale and The Believers at The Village.

wednesday’s useless facts about dublin

Strange but true: In 1761 a family of itinerants from Navan were refused entry to Dublin. The family settled on the outskirts of the city and created the town of Rush. Two hundred and fifty years later, almost the entire population of Rush can still trace their roots back to this one family.



Eid Greetings to all. :-)

weekend roundup for the 20th of October

Friday: The New York Dolls at The Village, Steve Forbert at Whelan’s.

Saturday: The Stone Roses Experience at the Ambassador, Souls of Mischief at Crawdaddy, Fisz at the Temple Bar Music Centre, David Kitt at Whelan’s, and Zero 7 with Jose Gonzales and Sia at the Olympia [which is going to be so ridiculously awesome I can’t even think straight].

Sunday: Ryan Adams and the Cardinals at the Olympia [you have no idea how sad I am that I can’t get tickets to see this], the Harlem Gospel Choir at the Pavilion, David Kitt at Whelan’s, and The Drifters at the Helix.

None of that whets your appetite? How about catching Marie Antoinette, opening this weekend at Cineworld? The Last Kiss, the new flick with Zach Braff, has just landed here in Dublin too. If you’re looking for something a little more meaty, Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man has shown up at the Screen this week.

If theatre’s a little more your speed, you could go classic and see Wuthering Heights at the Pavilion, or you could take classic in a different direction and catch The Rocky Horror Picture Show in all it’s rice-throwing glory at the Spirit.(Saturday night the Spirit is also throwing The Rocky Horror Convention for the Unconventional, for a double-set of Rocky Horror Pleasure.) While I’m interested in seeing Branwen (despite my Welsh being beyond rusty–luckily it’s trilingual), I’m definitely going to get out to see Coraline next weekend, both of which are at the Project Arts Centre on East Essex Street.

Leave a comment if you’re going to Zero 7, or any of these performances!

at least he has goals

Well, there’s loyalty to a brand and then there’s real devotion. Meet Winter, rogue American computer programmer looking to visit every Starbucks in the world.

With Starbucks in the fair Republic for over a year and a half now, Winter will have some ground to cover with eight stores at the moment and two more in the works. Considering how long it took for the chain to start lifestyle-marketing here (the damn crowds at the Dame Street store are always, without fail, ridiculous–I never know whether it’s tourists or locals) it’s nice to know that we’re still part of the global scene. Even if that global scene is devoted to drinking more frappachinos than the body can handle.

a little magic in your step

I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s a fan of Neil Gaiman ’round Dublin parts. Ever since I started reading the first Sandman comic, Preludes and Nocturnes, in a fast-moving Chrysler on the California 5 hurtling towards LA in bright desert heat, I’ve followed his work consistently. Actually, I read his early novel Neverwhere (which has since been riffed on in a pretty good comic) long before I knew who he was as a cult hero, but it was Sandman that made me fall in love with his deft, eloquent world-building.

Anwyay, he’s just wrapped up his tour to promote his new work, Fragile Things (sadly without a stop in Dublin). But if you know his works, you’ll be interested that his children’s book Coraline has been made into a puppet production that’s currently showing at the Projects Art Centre in Temple Bar. (It is also, of course, a lovely book and also a movie.) While it’s intended for children, as with all of Neil’s works there’s certainly plenty of wonderful storytelling aimed at adults too. It will be on through the 28th of October–I’m going to go this weekend, and I just can’t wait.

wedensday’s useless facts about dublin

Well, it’s Wednesday. Not a whole lot going on for Wednesdays in this city, so I thought I might spout off a few things you might not know about Dublin. For example:

O’Connell Bridge is the only traffic bridge in Europe which is wider than it is long and Dublin’s second O’Connell Bridge is across the pond in Stephen’s Green.

Have a random fact about Dublin? Shoot me an email or drop it in the comments, and I’ll put it on the site.


the slow trudge of progress

Govt to pay allowance to partner of terminally ill gay man, via IOL. This is a huge step, not just for Ireland, but for universal western acceptance of the rights of same-sex couples. Good job, government. It’s a start.


Old story… but just heard (i.e. read online) it…

The Irish government is planning to run a highway through the hill of Tara

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