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Battle of the bands

I have it. Here’s the idea. How about a battle of the bands. Location: Phoenix park.

Hell, we have a three mile straight run there and sort of the city centre and only the President and the American Ambassador to bother who will probably get more gardai presence then herself. Oh, the animals in the zoo, they will need protection.

The Love Ulster parade want’s to go ahead and so they should but let them march to the President’s Aris (umm, residence of course) – but not be alone marching.

We could have the Orangemen in full regalia, the Garda band, the Army No.1 band, An IRA fife and drum band (but a chill right through ya) the Artane Boys band, the Hari Krishna’s complete with temple, the Tallagh band, the Tulla ceili band (that might raise an intelligent eyebrow or two in the US embassy), The Salvation Army Band, Big bands, little bands, a rubber bands, marriage bands, any American band that wants to turn up with cheerleaders, Dixieland Bands, Showbands>Joe Dolan, Big Tom and the Mainliners (don’t mention the Miami showband?), U2, Boybands galore supplied by Louie Walsh, the French Foreign Legion band (great in one year’s in the Paddy’s parade), the boys of the NYPD complete with wooly berets (tradition, it’s all about tradition) playing any damn tune they want, ’cause they’re great….anymore band suggesting?

They should all march down the park. Play a few tunes in front of the Pope’s cross. That should get the Lambeg drums going and sure everyone will have a great day. Oh, and the Garda headquarters are right there to keep an eye on everything too.

And the Catholic church can give awards to the ones best at the rhythm method. And for the rest of us, we can enjoy a quite day down town.

The Photoshop Riots

As a contrast to the actual wonderful photos in our Flickr group here listeners have been sending me in some of the current roaring trade done on the ‘net in photoshopped pictures of the Dublin riots :-)

They will brighten up your day HERE


Dart and Commuter Rail services disrupted

For the second time this week, there is a problem with DART rail services out of Dublin. There is currently a signalling fault at Howth Junction that has all services suspended north of Harmonstown. This also applies to all commuter rail services to Drogheda / Dundalk etc.

Irish Rail do not currently have an ETA on a fix. Dublin Bus are honouring all rail tickets.

Feed da Birdies

During this current cold snap of winter wooley weather, don’t forget to feed the birds. Just like you they are cold and hunger makes them more chill. And while your at it, fresh water is good too and most is iced over. Burrrr, chilly, isn’t it!

While I am at it, well done the lads last night, I think things are going to go well for young Steve Staunton, best of luck. Great game, the players really seemed to be having fun for once.

TB outbreak in Dublin?

This is odd. The talks of a TB outbreak in Dublin and the only fever hospital, (if that is the right word) Peamount has been closed down.

Tuberculosis has a long and sad root in Irish folk memory. For my parents and grandparents generations, it was scourge of life. The one great equaliser. And one of the major indicators of a modern Ireland was it’s eradication under the dedicated Minister for Health Noel Browne

The depth of Noel Browe’s legendary contribution to Irish society was eloquently put by Senator David Norris.

So, what’s up with that, now we seem to be going backwards, it that progress?

Should we worry?

Epilepsy in Ireland

Hey all, don’t want to clutter up here with my own personal stuff but as and from today I’ve taken up a position as patron of Brainwave – the Irish epilepsy association to promote a positive image of the condition and prove to people that those who have it can have happy, healthy, successful lives as I’ve done for the last 16 years. This seems like a great place to start that :-)

The full story is HERE

Thanks all,


Bush rallies his troops @ Shannon

So the headline in tonight’s evening Herald claims. I was wrong earlier when answering Mossie, he did get off.

Bush that is, for 20 minutes so that he could rally US Marines in Shannon. Their plane had refulled in Shannon and left a half and hour before Bush’s plane landed for refulling. However, the US troops plane was turned back due to a technicial hitch (yeah, right), and so they were treated to a rally by their President….on Irish soil.

We are not in NATO, why can’t he stop off in England? No, he is brazen enough to address his troops, dressed according to the Herald in the new digital camouflage battledress (is there some protocol where troops are not supposed to wear uniforms in neutral territory?).

And for this the Irish Tax-payer covered the costs of 600 gardai and an air corps helicopters ( but the one? gardai helicopter was down on Saturday).

Are we taken that for granted? Or maybe should we take that for granted?

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