Bush rallies his troops @ Shannon

So the headline in tonight’s evening Herald claims. I was wrong earlier when answering Mossie, he did get off.

Bush that is, for 20 minutes so that he could rally US Marines in Shannon. Their plane had refulled in Shannon and left a half and hour before Bush’s plane landed for refulling. However, the US troops plane was turned back due to a technicial hitch (yeah, right), and so they were treated to a rally by their President….on Irish soil.

We are not in NATO, why can’t he stop off in England? No, he is brazen enough to address his troops, dressed according to the Herald in the new digital camouflage battledress (is there some protocol where troops are not supposed to wear uniforms in neutral territory?).

And for this the Irish Tax-payer covered the costs of 600 gardai and an air corps helicopters ( but the one? gardai helicopter was down on Saturday).

Are we taken that for granted? Or maybe should we take that for granted?

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