It was so good….

It was so good, I didn’t want to steal another. That was my reaction to the fantastic movie Good Night and Good Luck. Normally, I go to one of those multi-plex movie houses to see one good movie, I think I’d like and to steal another.

Okey, so I guess I am the type of person your mother warned you about? Sinner that I am, I usually catch two movies in a go. And a sign of a good movie for me is when I feel I’ve been to a good movie and go home. Doesn’t happen often. Heck, I’ve been known to take three movies in a go. One good, one okish and a third, visual fodder such as a Bridget Jones or Memories of a Geisha.

Now some say this is wrong and course they are right. However, it’s not easy to hang in a movie house all day. It’s a bit like running a marathon, it takes attitude. I haven’t quite to to the egg and onion sandwich stage and usually buy coffee (€2.30) or bottled water (€2.75), it all adds up in a sort of corporate way? Does it?

I am sort of playing in the twlight zone of the company not caring and me being devilish. Sometimes you just have to understand, then crack the system. Is this the Irish in me?

Or you might ask, are movies so bad that people can feel so unentertained? Why so many remakes? Boring formulated stuff that can even make the great story of Pride and Prejudice tedious.

However, Good Night and Good Luck did it for me. So good I stopped for coffee and drifted home. Brokeback Mountain, I enjoyed and cried so much I had to take off. Crash too was good and I left the theatre after that but that wasw a while ago so the memory has dimmed. I think the Good Night Good Luck film is the better. One thing for sure, the Oscars are going to be interesting this year.

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