Is Bertie the greatest taoiseach of the all?

A few years back, when divorce became legal in Ireland, I was talking to a big lawyer guy. I was saying how great it would be if Bertie (Ahern, Taoiseach, prime minister of Ireland) was to get a divorce. I know many sepertate persons who had being living in a relationship limbo, of unrecognized long term, second relationships. I thought Bertie’s infulence would inspire them as being no longer social outcasts. The lawyer guy, just laughed and said Bertie would never get a divorce from his long seperated wife. The Finna Failers would never vote for a divorced man. Now that seems hyprocitically to me but I have been considering his postion at Taoiseach and have begun to wonder is he the greatest one of them all?

I was looking at the picture of him courtin’ the latest love of his life on the front page of the Star paper yesterday. And thought maybe he’s not being a hyprocite but just living up to the full, historical role of Taoiseach, elected leader of clann Ireland. According to the ancient Brehon laws that were set by the File (judges/poets of Celtic Irelland) and man was entitled to many concubines who ranked in lesser degree to his wife. These concubines were called Cumals, and intrestingly enough were a unit currency and test of a man’s wealth. One culmal was equlivent to the land needed to raise one milche cow with I suppose the cumal as a sort of cowmaid/concubine.

Now I am not calling Mrs Boggle or Ms Larkin, cows but simply using the term cumal to discribe their relationship with Mr Ahern, Taosieach as his concubines as he still remains married to Mrs Ahern.

Charlie Haughey a former Taoiseach and no stranger to having the odd cumal or two but in the shadows, once referred to Bertie as the most cunning and devious of them all. Perhaps he’s right but should we also call him the greatest Taoiseach of them all too as he lives his life so openly according the the ancient Brehon laws. His wealth is measured in cumals. Proof indeed that the sacred cows of Ireland have ancient roots and so a married man stays married for the good of the country according tradition.

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