Must Blog Harder… Must Blog Harder…

It was only this evening when I looked back and realised that I’ve only posted twice here so far that I realised my duty to the city is being left untended :-(

To be fair my list of priorities has been fairly full this week – a sick daughter, son on mid-term, a beautiful and demanding wife(!), radio show to produce and present every night, couple of hundred e-mails to the show every day, my own blog, a myspace page, listening to the new Streets single and Josh Ritter album (both very tasty – will have the Streets tonight and Josh album tracks on Monday on my show… Am I allowed plug my show here…? Will soon find out…) and then there’s the small matter of the inaugural Irish Blog Awards.

Probably should have mentioned it earlier as the voting finishes tomorrow but it’s the first time the Irish blogging community has put something like this together, will be a top night for all concerned…

I mentioned it previously over in my corner of the blogsphere but, conscious that there are many, many surfers from all over the world checking here for the first time this week I thought I might give you a taste of what Ireland is really like.

You might have heard of the small matter of cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed that have caused corners of the world to go up in flames in recent weeks. In places as far apart as London and Jakarta, Muslim communities took to the streets, many of them in violent protest that usually involved burning the produce of the now booming Danish flag industry…

In Dublin there was a protest too.

Our Muslim brothers took to the streets witth such inflamatory placards as:

“Islam means peace”

“Freedom of speech should be responsible”

“Caricatures are violations of human rights”

and my personal favourite:

“Respect all religions”

We do things slightly differently here…


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  1. Auld Dubliner (unregistered) on February 19th, 2006 @ 3:00 pm

    Like the “must blog harder”, echo of school days but hey, I know we can do, it just takes commitment..ahh, it’s that word. Yikes! Be there for me and I’ll be there for you, and for the rest of the community, Dublin squeaks a little but we’re trying.

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