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Stained Glass In The National Gallery…

Hey all, it is genuinely an honour to be asked to be in at the ground level of a project like this, thanks lads. I’m more normally found on my blog HERE or on the radio HERE so being part of a community like this will be an interesting challenge.

A short one tonight but one I thought about over the weekend when I was in the National Gallery. There are parts of it I adore and parts that I regularly avoid (Irish painting of the 18th and 19th century springs to mind!) but there’s currently an exhibition there that’s well worth taking in.

Not that I knew it before Saturday but Evie Hone was a pioneering artist both in abstract paintings and, later, in stained glass. The exhibition is right next door to my favourite part of the gallery – the room that houses Jack B Yeats’ painitings and is well worth checking out.

More and more surreal and unusual later…


Hello World

Working in the IT industry, I’ve tinkered around with programming a bit, and one of the first things you always do when learning a new language, is print the “hello world” statement.

Well, this is a hello world with a bit of a difference, I really am saying hello to the world, and bringing Dublin into the global arena in yet another way!!

So, who are we, and what is this?! Introducing, a Metropolitan Blog for Dublin, Ireland, and its surroundings. As a keen blogger, and even keener blog reader, the idea of a metblog for Dublin has excited me for a while. To quote the blurb on our parent site:

Metroblogging is the largest and fastest growing network of city-specific blogs on the Web. From San Francisco to Bangkok, from Karachi to Toronto, Metblogs are a hyper-local look at what’s going on in the city. Our hand-picked core of regional bloggers give each site a new perspective on daily life; less calendar listings, more friendly advice. With Metblogs, you can read about life and times in your neighbourhood, your favourite places to visit, places where you’ve never been, or get a feel for them all with the daily “best of” blog on the hub at

So, here’s Dublin! Our very own little contribution to this global community. Hopefully we hit the nail on the head, and keep you entertained and informed by the goings on in and around the city. Looking forward to some good feedback via comments here too, and if you have any ideas for things that could and should be included in the blog, let us know!!

As you can see from the Authors section, we have some well known, and well liked bloggers on board, including Jeff Wynne, Bernard Goldbach, Penrose, Caoimhe Burke, Karlin Lillington, Rick O’Shea and myself, and hopefully more people joining up with us over the coming months!

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